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I love sharing my work with groups of women &men who are craving more — more fulfillment, more impact, more access to their own inner wellspring of power, grace, and joy.  It’s from this place, that we jump into action and create our ideal life and experience the highest version of who we’re here to become.


There is nothing like the energy that is generated from a group of driven, inspired women & men who gather together to learn, to grow, and to expand. This incomparable energy is what brings me back to speaking again and again. I’ve conducted workshops about work-life wholeness for female, driven executives who have many titles and are hungry for a sense of aliveness, inner-peace, and more fulfillment. I’ve key noted for groups as large as 75 and as intimate as 8. The charge that I experience when witnessing a public insight, an unusual connection, a shared revelation is electric for me.

If I can be of service to your event, let’s have a conversation about your goals and audience to see how I might complement your vision and add value to your participants.


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Our Foundational Principles

Anatomy of All

What does “having it all” mean to you? When you can map out the anatomy of your all, you can begin to craft it. Your all is singular, unique, vital, and completely mappable if you are willing to get crystal clear about what you really want, not what you think you should want.

to the Possible

The Possible is the space of seeing the thing you want rather than the thing that stands in your way. Once you see the thing you want with a clarity of experience that is visceral, the Possible allows you to go for it. The Possible is accessed by removing your blinders, pushing past your limitations, and owning your creative power.


Beyond your ambition, that feeling of striving for success, that drive, that hunger, lies something even more potent—your mission. When you lean through your ambition all the way to your mission, you find a place of incredible fulfillment—a marriage of what you do with who you are.

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