You Can Have it All

Your All. Your Life. Your Legacy.

Have you ever left a summit feeling inspired by the brilliant women you heard? Sure that from now on your life is going to be different, elevated, perfect? But when you wake up the next morning the inspiration is nowhere in sight and you’re still facing the same challenges, the same grind.

Enter Tidal Summit. Tidal is not about searching for inspiration, it’s about generating movement and momentum, building your community and commitment. Living your legacy now and loving it. All of it.

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We were blown away by the response to our 2nd Tidal Summit and can’t wait to open our doors to our second Summit.

Virtual Tidal Summit

Date To Be Announced

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“My experience at Tidal was transformative. The camaraderie and support of every single woman there was palpable. I have never been in a group of people—much less strangers—who gave such unconditional emotional support and presence. I connected with women on an intellectual and emotional level about our shared values and visions for the future.”



Tidal was born because…

I love driven women. I am a driven woman. But, the driven woman who I am today is vastly different from the driven Sarah of ten years ago. 

You see, my life used to be an expression of my ideas of external success rather than an expression of what I most deeply value. I had a growing resume, but, secretly I craved more fulfillment. I managed important projects, but felt I wasn’t making the kind of impact I wanted. I had friends across the globe, but didn’t have the depth of connection and intimacy my heart desired. In short, I “had it all”, but felt like I wanted MORE. Can you relate?

When I launched my executive coaching company, SG&CO, I began to see the breadth and depth of this phenomenon. I realized that this was not a personal problem unique to me, but a common pattern across the board for my high-achieving, female clients. 

The fact is that we are pioneers in achieving the kinds of lives that previous generations of women could not have even dreamt of. There is no blueprint for how we are living as driven, high-achieving women in 2020. There is no one coming to take our hands and show us the way; we are here to create the way. 

But, we don’t have to do it alone. I created Tidal to move us beyond ideas and inspiration about “how to have it all” and into an experience of what YOUR ALL actually looks and feels like. 

Tidal is my love note to driven women, my invitation to join hands and experience together what’s truly possible for all of us.


Tidal Summit is a day-long gathering for driven, accomplished women who are craving a fully lived out experience.  

If you are a woman who, in spite of your pretty good life, feels a vague and nagging sense that you could be experiencing more…something: more joy, more connection, more meaning, more impact, more fulfillment…we get it. Tidal is for you. 

At Tidal, you will experience what it means to take a stand for your own expanded possibility, expression and contribution in the world as part of an evolved sisterhood of women who will stand with you. 

Tidal is about quality over quantity, so it will be an intimate, curated experience. We have 50 spots available, and we will sell out. If this speaks to you, don’t wait. Grab your seat now, and get ready to transform the way you experience the next day, the next year, the next decade of your life. The world wants you–the world NEEDS you–in all of your wonders. 



You talked, we listened! Every woman who attended Tidal wanted MORE time with the other women. For those of you who purchase your ticket by Dec. 1st, you’re invited to a gathering at Creative Visions the evening before Tidal Summit on Thurs, 1.16.20. It will be an opportunity to sip on something sparkly, have a nibble and get to know other women attending Tidal. Details to follow once you grab your ticket!

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We’re excited to be back at the Pico Union Project (PUP) for our second Tidal Summit, a historic church that is now a Cultural Arts Center in the heart of Los Angeles. PUP is the perfect place for the individual and collective movement we’ll generate together at Tidal.

Read more about the unique background and mission of PUP in LA Magazine here.

Leading the group from the idea of “having it all” means finding your truth from your own inner wisdom, rather than from the outside. I kept thinking that I should want to run a division of this or that because it seems more powerful to the outside world – but I don’t. Tidal helped me realize that I am living my career as I want to be living it. I love what I’m doing and how I am doing it.

-Michelle Raimo Kouyate, Tidal 2018


You are the author of your own life and your legacy, so join us for an experiential day where we will redefine, build, and connect the chapters of your life.

2020 Schedule

9:00 – 9:40am
Chapter 1 | Movement

9:40 – 10:00am
Hydrate + Nourish!

10:00 – 11:00am
Chapter 2 | Living Your Legacy vs. Leaving Your Legacy

11:00 – 12:00pm
Chapter 3 | Redefining Leadership

12:00 – 1:00pm
Lunch in Small Groups

1:00 – 2:00pm
Chapter 4 | Living Your Legacy in Practice

2:00 – 3:00pm
Chapter 5 | Possibility

3:00 – 3:15pm
Exhale + Stretch

3:15 – 4:15pm
Chapter 6 | Support + Connection

4:15 – 4:30pm
Wrap Up

Chapter 1: Physical Movement

Premise: “The way you move your body is the way you live your life.”

Intention: Awaken senses, get in touch – experientially – with how you are showing up today. The way you’re moving your body will also tell you how you face resistance. Time to excavate what’s really not serving you – feel ALL of it. Move it on out.

Chapter 2: Living Your Legacy vs. Leaving Your Legacy

Premise: Who you are and how you impact people throughout the day is your real legacy.

Intention: Redefine legacy. We’ll discover what it means to live your legacy as opposed to leaving a legacy and explore what this looks like day-to-day.

Chapter 3: Redefining Leadership

Premise: Leadership is a state not a position or a title. We are either in leadership or out of leadership.

Intention: Redefining Leadership as a way of BEING. We’ll explore our habit of powering through things and achieving from our masculine doing, which often means struggle, overwhelm, and control. We’ll discover alternative ways of being in leadership.

Chapter 4: Living your Legacy in Practice

Premise: Living your legacy is not about arriving, it’s about delighting in the messy process. We can learn from the examples of others.

Intention: To get an inside glimpse into what it looks like to live your legacy in real time. A moderated, interactive conversation in which three women who, on the outside appear to have it all, will share their journey of seeking more, living their legacy, and actualizing the possibility they sensed for their lives. Truth in real time. 

Chapter 5: Possibility

Premise: Your All is Possible.

Intention: We’ll apply the concepts and practices from previous chapters to your life, your situation, and your values. We’ll do the real work of committing to and actualizing your greatest possibility.

Chapter 6: Support + Connection

Premise: Interdependency is the truth of our human lives. Opportunity comes through the gateway of other people. 

Intention: Generosity + boundaries. Many driven women aren’t practiced at asking for help, yet it’s fundamental. We’ll explore the obstacles and beliefs that prevent us from asking for the support we need. We’ll differentiate between the girlfriend relationship vs. board of directors relationship.

“Often events like these assume that because we’re women, our wants and needs are exactly the same. Tidal was masterfully produced with speaker facilitators and activities that honored our individual experiences and needs, yet made us feel like a community. It was a no-brainer for me to do the Tidal Master Series following Tidal Summit. “



We are women who are on a deeply-purposeful path, who see the endless ways to have an impact, who believe it is our birthright to live a fully realized life. We are #womenwhowantitall:

  • visibility AND vulnerability
  • epic material success AND deep inner fulfillment
  • individual presence AND authentic relationships
  • an impactful career AND tight family bonds
  • a strong voice AND an empathic ear
  • real gratitude AND a desire for more


    • Speakers who shook the foundation and are still standing, who leapt and landed on their feet
    • A community. A tribe of women who:
       is committed to making waves and living in wonder
       is turning the tide on terms of womanhood that no longer serve them or their wonder
       invite the innovation of their own lives, mixing their own ingredients
    • Actionable recommendations to create your own path forward
    • Support to live it at your pace because wonder isn’t a race, it is to be realized
    • Exchange of personal phone numbers and emails because wonder is meant to be lived in connection
    • A movement meant to spark and sustain your momentum
    • The courage to excavate YOUR ALL among your tribe, the clarity to call YOUR ALL forward, the vision to see it once you say it, and the presence to be it and believe it

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What will teams experience as a result of attending Tidal Summit together?

  • Increased sense of cohesiveness, connection, and trust
  • A vision for how your work mission serves your life’s mission and a renewed commitment to both
  • An opportunity to define the bedrock of your leadership practice and clarify your leadership philosophy
  • A dynamic experience of community, possibility, and inclusion for yourself, your team, your organization
  • Outcome: achieve more success, and increase creativity, performance and impact

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“What I really loved about the day, was the EASY-ness, the flow, the organic and so genuine connections I made with every woman there. It was like we KNEW we had all chosen to be there so there was an immediate tribe-like / sisterhood feeling. I also greatly appreciated Sarah’s leadership and attention to detail creating a professional event that also had heart.”



Sarah Gibbons, Founder | Sarah Gibbons Co.

Erin Ward, Teacher | The Class by Taryn Toomey

Amy Eldon | Co-Founder, Creative Visions


Sally Nellson Barrett | Chief Storyteller
Just Jump Films, LLC / I Love Public Schools

Lorraine Ketch | Chief Reframer
The Fuel  / Lorraine Ketch LLC / Iconic Collective

Erica Hoholick | Global Advertising Veteran & Entrepreneur

Karlie Everhart | Life & Career Coach

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Monique, DeBose | Jazz Singer, MdB Productions

Sonia Kreitzer | Singer-songwriter, Doe Paoro

“Tidal gave me the space to commit to doing one thing for myself each day so I can joyfully love myself, and therefore others. It allowed me to take a step back and recognize my values, how I’m demonstrating them in daily life, as well as recognizing my desire to leave a legacy of joyful love.”



A portion of your ticket purchase will go towards Creative Visions, a non-profit who’s committed to sparking awareness and igniting change through impact media, the arts, and technology.

We at Sarah Gibbons Co, believe in Creative Visions’ mission and are taking a stand for it because we know that extraordinary story-telling allows us beings to get intimate with other humans and form a real connection. It’s from that place of proximity, that we are moved to action and committed to making a social impact.