The Mother Board

Don’t prioritise yourself last.

The 5 month group coaching program for driven Mothers.

The Mother Board is a new kind of mom tribe.

The Mother Board delivers you your very own personal board of like-minded female warriors who are 100% invested in accessing your full potential in all areas of your life.

Together in our virtual Boardroom, we’ll activate your leadership in the context of this fierce support so you can face these challenges and unearth these desires in the fields of our lives where they matter most–relationships, ambition, health, finances. Thus, allowing you to live your desired legacy, today.

The next Mother Board starts in early 2022.  Includes ten, 90-minute sessions and 24-hour access to a private FB Group to discuss accountability questions, receive and provide support from your Mother Board team, and further engagement and support with Sarah.

"Sarah’s expert leadership and the other group members helped me uncover an identity that had been buried under years of neglect. My sense of who I am and what I can offer to each sphere of my life has expanded irreversibly in my time on The Mother Board. To participate is to value yourself as you want your children to value themselves—to teach by example that growth is a lifelong experience to be relished."

- Alexis Gantsoudes


The Why

In these unprecedented times, Mothers are being stretched in ways that we never dreamed of.

In the midst of all this, we’ve discovered many wonderful outlets for Mothers to gather, share, and collectively exhale. But often, all of this gathering, sharing and exhaling does not provide the relief and connection we’d hoped for. In spite of our engagement in a wide variety of groups and communities, we found ourselves craving a kind of relationship with fellow mothers that we couldn’t exactly describe and weren’t able to find.

Enter The Mother Board, where you will develop precisely this kind of indescribable, facilitated relationship with other Moms that we ourselves were craving. Women who have the ‘old friend’ feeling, but without the tendency toward agreement and commiseration. Women who will accept you completely and challenge you to become the person they know you can be. Women who will invest in your success. Women who will tell you the truth not because they are experts, but because they are peers, equals, fellow mothers. The Mother Board will give you a group of women who will serve as your Personal Board of Directors–the female transformational partners that you seek.

"At a time when life and leadership can feel so isolating, it was truly a gift to be able to connect with smart women, walking down different paths, but all with similar struggles and goals.  The Motherboard provided me with coaching, accountability, tools, and friendship from sources who I would otherwise never have been connected. " 

- Jen Kasle, CEO / Founder The Talent


The How

The Mother Board is a 5-month peer experience for a group of up to 10 mothers. The 2022 Mother Board curriculum runs early 2022 & includes progressively-designed content + coaching calls (2x /mo.), a private FB group to access support from Sarah and your fellow Board Members.
The Mother Board is Sarah’s most accessible group program and is in high demand due to the impact of the programming and the low price point.

If you’re at all interested, email to schedule a conversation with Sarah. It will fill up extremely quickly.

"The Mother Board has helped me learn how to live intentionally from my true essence qualities, which has had a positive impact in all areas of my life – at work, in personal relationships, and most importantly as a mother. The connection among this group of brilliant, supportive women is beyond anything I’ve ever experienced. I’m positive that the seeds I planted through The Mother Board will continue to bloom for years to come."

- Amanda Stageman Irvine, Production Director at Just Jump Films


The Who

The Mother Board is for Mothers who are 100% committed to stepping into leadership and responsibility for their own life experience.  This group is for Mothers who are done hearing themselves martyr, who are done feeling disempowered and lonely. The Mother Board is for Moms who desire confidence in who they are, clarity about what they want, and a greater impact on the world around them.

If you’re seeking greater connection with yourself, deeper intimacy with your partner, a sense of play and wonder that is balanced with calm and grace, we invite you to join The Mother Board.

You must be willing to take a stand for your own potential as well as the potential of other Mothers. If you’re seeking a group of women that will both accept and challenge you; if you’re hungry to uplevel your leadership and point your life towards the truest expression of who you’re here to become; if you’re willing to double down and commit resources into your own growth and that of others, then The Mother Board is for you.

At SG & Co, we believe the greatest growth happens in the context of others, so we create new kinds of peer experiences based on the idea that revolutionary growth happens in revolutionary relationships.

"For so long my different identities—mother, artist, leader—felt very separate and sometimes even in conflict with each other. After The Mother Board, I feel like these multiple parts of myself are integrated in a way I haven’t experienced since becoming a mother. Sarah’s guidance and the fierce commitment of my fellow warrior mamas in the group helped me find my wholeness, to bring my uniqueness, my full authentic self, to all of my “roles” so they’re no longer just hats that I wear, but expressions of my values, my choices, my full self."

- Keiko Elizabeth, Actress, SAG-AFTRA


FAQ's We Know You'll Ask


We get it. We never said growth is easy. However, we do know that what matters most to us, we make time for. What we also know is that Mothers prioritize themselves last, and that certainly isn’t the legacy you want to be living. Like anything, you have to want it enough to actually do something about it.


YES! Sarah brilliantly will ensure that everyone is coached 1:1 during the time together. There is also huge value in watching others be coached. Sarah facilitates in a way that engages everyone’s leadership whether you’re the one being coached or holding space for a fellow Mother Board member.


Sarah will ask each Board member to submit answers to three questions each week. Taking no more than 5 minutes, these create accountability, transparency, and an opportunity for support within the FB Group, not only by Sarah, but also by your fellow Board members.


First, everyone is a Mother on The Mother Board, and therefore bonded by the very fact that they are responsible for another being(s). Secondly, Sarah has created themes for each coaching session based on the biggest challenges Mothers face  and will be specifically supporting the women around their leadership as it relates to that area of your life or theme.

In Her Words

- Erin Erenberg, Founder and CEO of Totum Women

If you’re feeling excited about this opportunity, email or click on the button below to schedule a no-obligation 30-minute call with Sarah!