The Circuit Board

Spark connection, level-up your leadership.

The 6 week group coaching program to refine your leadership.

Are you feeling disconnected? Scattered? Not performing your best or showing up as your best? Is time an issue? Are relationships strained? Final question - When’s the last time you invested in yourself? Either professionally or personally? I bet not this last year. And that needs to change.

April 2021 is a re-birth. It’s a time to reconnect to yourself and the power that you hold. It’s time to plug-in into your zone of genius and ignite flames that have been snuffed out for the last while, or maybe never burned at all. It’s time to create meaningful connections with others because revolutionary growth happens within revolutionary relationships.

We’ve created The Circuit Board as a response to what you need this year. The year after COVID-19, the year after no-connection and no leadership. It will give you the space to spark connection, with those around you and within yourself, and to level up your leadership, in your professional and in your private lives. The Circuit Board is tailored specifically to YOU, the busy professional, with an intentional and results-oriented, coaching program that will leave you feeling plugged-in to your center of power. 

Because when we’re not plugged-in to your power, the central force that lights you up and makes you a force to be reckoned with - you’re not your best. As a leader, mother, father, colleague, friend, nada. 

So let’s get to it. April 2021.

"You are your own greatest asset - let’s get you plugged-in to the greatness that already exists within you"


What You Can Expect

  • Experienced based leadership vs. theory (talking about leadership)
  • Two, 75-min sessions per month
  • Top Level RESULTS:
      • Clear Vision: create a 6-mo vision + goals that’s aligned w/ your desires 
      • Re-connection: to yourself + other to feel ALIVE
      • Decision Making: became a sharpshooter decision maker 
      • Redefine Self-Care: experience a mindset upgrade putting YOU back in the equation
      • Close Energy Leaks: so you’re creating energy + feeling empowered 
      • Take Responsibility: learn how to recognise your survival mechanisms
  • Live spot-coaching during calls
  • An opportunity to connect and network with like-minded professionals
  • Offline support from Sarah and practical tools that will serve you beyond The Circuit Board to ensure that you stay in inspired action.

“Personal development is a major time-saver.” ―Brian Tracy 

So, how much do you value your time?


The investment for The Circuit Board is $1000. 

One time. 3 Months, That’s it. 

That’s $80/per week. That’s one nice meal out (or ordered in). 

It’s our most accessible Leadership Coaching Program for a reason. It’s because you don’t need any more reasons to say ‘no’ to your own development or investing in yourself. It’s because now more than ever, the world needs people living in lit-up leadership. The Circuit Board provides maximum impact for minimum investment.

The Curriculum

The Circuit Board is designed specifically for the busy professional and focuses on experienced based leadership, so we’re going to get to the heart of it -- quickly and effectively. 

This 3-month facilitated group coaching experience will reignite and reconnect you to your authentic power, and illuminate blind spots of disconnect and resistance that are interrupting the natural flow of growth and expansion. 

Each 75-minute video session will include spot coaching on yourself or others in the Circuit Board, and a deep dive into a leadership distinction each week. You’ll receive additional support and connection in The Circuit Board Facebook Group, where weekly reflection and homework will sustain your momentum.

Distinctions We'll Cover

April 28th, 2021:

Values vs. Expectations - reconnecting to values as part of people’s criteria for making decisions. People who don’t know their values, live their life by expectations which, 99% of the time, results in disappointment.

May 12th, 2021:

Self-care vs. Selfishness - the idea that generosity and self-care can co-exist. By breathing life into your well-being, and including yourself in the equation, you empower yourself to live your deepest desires, making the greatest impact in ALL areas of your life. 

May 26th, 2021:

Circling a Dream Vs. Choosing a Project - you’ll learn that in order to live an effective life, your dreams must get converted from your head to a tangible project that you can act on.

June 9th, 2021:

Leader Vs. Social Self - this empowers people to be vulnerable and honest operating in integrity - instead of being people pleasing.

June 16th, 2021:

Leading from responsibility results in being at cause in leadership, irrelevant of circumstances (demanding boss, righteous partner, pandemic, not enough money, time or energy). This is what creates the ultimate freedom, inside of you.

June 25th, 2021:

Purpose vs. Time Management - People who manage their purpose, don’t have energy leaks, creating new energy, which allows them to feel ALIVE and expansive and in their power

The Experience


Get off the sidelines. and join us this Spring.

We begin April 28th, 2021.



We get it. We never said growth is easy. However, we know you’re tired of not making the movement you want to make, so we’ve designed this program in a way that stretches you just enough to break the habit of starting and stopping, so you can start leading in your life in a way that creates the results you’re craving. 

We’ll ask that you commit to two 75-minute group-coaching calls per month for three months (ie: six total calls), and take 5 minutes a week to reflect on your leadership each week. What doesn’t get measured, doesn’t grow. 

Sarah will share simple exercises that are tried and true to help you create the clarity around your vision, experience, and connection you’re desiring. 


We don’t know! We’ve created this group with #1 intention of making it available to busy professionals who don’t have the time to commit to a deeper-dive program, but know that a focus on their leadership will propel them forward. Like all of Sarah’s programs, she will coach live and whether you’re the person being coached or the person watching, you will receive incredible insights that you can apply to your life in real time. 


Sarah will ask each Circuit Board member to submit answers to three questions each week. Taking no more than 5 minutes, these create accountability, transparency, and an opportunity for support within the FB Group, not only by Sarah, but also by your fellow Circuit Board members.


First, the Circuit Board is available to men and women. You don’t need to be a Mother, a Father, or career-leader, but we do ask that you are rooted in the following values: growth, connection, and integrity. We find people who succeed in our programs also believe that the success of others are equally important. Aside from that, this Board is our only 3-month program and our lowest-touch program, which is how we’re able to offer it for $1k. 


Glad you asked! Specifically you will get:

  • Clarity around your 6-month vision that aligns with your values (yes, you’ll leave being crystal clear about your values)
  • New understanding of what it means to be in leadership and gain practical tools to support you in choosing to lead in ALL areas of your life (goodbye victimhood!)
  • Ability to distinguish when you’re survival mechanisms are showing up and how to overcome them 
  • Deeper connection with your original self, empowering you to more fully express yourself in the world
  • Clear next steps for how to maintain momentum after the Circuit Board