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Spark Connection. Level-Up Your Leadership.


What + Why

The Circuit Board is our newest group coaching experience specifically designed for the busy professional. This 3-month facilitated group coaching experience will reignite and reconnect you to your authentic power, as well as illuminate blind spots of disconnect and resistance that are interrupting the natural flow of growth and expansion.

In The Circuit Board you will experience:

    • Transforming your understanding of what leadership looks like & how to live it;
    • Redefining what it means to be your most powerful self in the context of your connection to others;
    • Support for initial implementation and practical tools that will serve you beyond The Circuit Board to ensure that you stay in inspired action.

The Circuit Board runs this Spring 2021. Imagine being half-way through 2021 in a radically different place from where you are right now. Imagine having upgraded the circuitry of your own power so that you are living in your authentic leadership every day. Imagine having the experience of living in your possibility rather than living in your limitation, challenges and lack.



The Circuit Board is for busy folks who value purpose and growth, but are struggling to get there on their own. If you find that you want more, but feel stuck in the same spot with a vague feeling of being slightly under actualized in relation to what you sense is possible, I invite you to join The Circuit Board. 

If you find yourself saying…

  • “I want more, but I don’t know where to start.”
  • “I’d love some coaching support, but I am so busy I don’t know how I’d fit it into my schedule.”
  • “I’m comfortable here but not happy.”
  • “I don’t have the time, money, experience, or energy to get what I want.”

...then The Circuit Board is for you.


The Circuit Board is designed for busy people! 

The time commitment is 2, 75-minute video coaching calls per month for four months. You’ll receive spot coaching during the group calls as well as Sarah’s support in The Circuit Board Facebook Group, where weekly reflection and homework will sustain your momentum.

The curriculum covers topics such as defining your values, creating your 6-month vision, upleveling your mindset, identifying and overcoming your survival mechanisms, and re-establishing a connection to your most authentic self.

The investment for The Circuit Board is $1000. It’s no coincidence that we are launching our most accessible offering right now, because now more than ever, the world needs people living in lit-up leadership. There’s never an easy time to invest in YOU, so we have structured The Circuit Board to provide maximum impact for minimum investment. 


Get off the sidelines. and join us this Spring.

Reconnect to your most powerful self and join the Circuit Board HERE.

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