Be a part of an exclusive group of high-achieving professionals, committed to creating transformation and leveling-up their leadership in ALL aspects of life.



Revolutionary growth happens within revolutionary relationships.

The Board is an 8-month facilitated group coaching experience for high-achieving professionals.

A highly curated group of men and women that become your personal Board of Directors.

A peer-group that will say the thing that no one else will say to you.

Experiential leadership coaching (i.e. not just reading about strategies: actually applying strategies in real-time).

The Board will re-shape your view of leadership: that it extends beyond the boardroom and how you lead is about how you show up in EVERY moment of your life.

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The Why

We get it — there are a lot of resources and leadership programs out there promising you the skills, tools and techniques needed to become a successful leader.

This isn’t that.

First off - we're changing the way you view leadership. It's not just about your leadership in the proverbial boardroom. Leadership is about how you show up in all areas and every moment of your life. With your children, with your spouse, in conflict, in stress. There are moments to stand in and to CAUSE LEADERSHIP everywhere and we'll re-write how you see that.

Second - this is experiential leadership coaching. What does that mean!? That means we're not just reading and learning about tools and tricks to be a better leader. We're coaching in real-time. I'm coaching you, you're learning how to coach and listen to one another. You'll learn in the moment how to reshape your behaviour, language, and perspective to be a better leader.

Finally - this is a brave space to learn, grow, and take a stand for yourself and others. One of the biggest values of this program and gaining your Board is that it's a brave space and I, and other Board members, will say the thing that nobody else will say to you in service to your growth. This is for professionals who crave depth, joy, & purpose; who are willing to take a stand for their own potential and for the potential of others.


If you’re seeking a group of peers who will support you in a way that is both accepting & challenging; if you’re hungry to uplevel your leadership, so your life can be the truest expression of who you’re here to become; if you’re willing to double down & commit resources in your own growth & in the growth of others, then The Board is for you.


What to Expect

The Board is an 8-month group coaching experience made up of a highly-curated, hand-selected group of professionals who are interested in created a ripple of positive impact, re-writing that leadership extends beyond the boardroom and into all aspects of our lives.

With no more than 10 people in The Board you'll experience:
  • progressively-designed coaching 2x/month (2hr sessions) helping you experience transformation in your own leadership as well as others.
  • ongoing group support and connection - facilitated through a private Slack group
  • weekly assignments and accountability check-ins
  • access to one-on-one coaching
  • ending with a 3 night/4 day Leadership Retreat in an undisclosed transformational location*

The Board 2023 will run February – September 2023.

*The 2021 Leadership Retreat in Zion National Park

In Their Words

“Working with Sarah and the other women on the board has been an incredible gift. I have grown and expanded in ways that have had a wonderful ripple effect in my life. I feel more connected with my true self and am truly living from a place of possibility. None of this would have been possible without the investment I made in myself by joining the board.”

– Paige Macy // Film & TV Writer/ Producer, 2020 ‘The Board’ Member, Mother

- Adrianne Marinkovich, CEO Ubuntu Strategies

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