Hustle vs. Intentionality

Today’s leadership kick: If you’re stuck in the hustle, It’s time to look at your leadership

How much do you think you need to “hustle” to get that promotion, to get that client, to get your new biz idea off the ground?

For fun, I googled the word “hustle”, and found myself getting irritated with how much visibility this word has been given in things like published books and podcasts.

It’s odd to me. Hustle means a variety of things but at the heart of it there’s a central theme of “do whatever it takes to make it happen” which often involves a lot of comparison, throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks, ignoring boundaries until you’re flat-out exhausted and overwhelmed.

Why on earth are we encouraging people to HUSTLE? I was coaching a group of top music managers this week and the LAST THING they want to experience is hustle.

What they DO want is to be more effective , more impactful while feeling more like themselves . Not the overworked, anxious, running a mile a minute version of themselves.


I can soooo relate. It wasn’t until I had my 3rd child and was completely outnumbered that I realized it wasn’t hustle that was going to grow my business to the vision I had. Instead, I needed to get super intentional. Daily. Hourly and sometimes minute by minute.
Being intentional requires you to be choosy about your goals, what you put your attention on and take action that aligns with what matters to you. Not what you think you ‘should’ be doing.
What I notice even more these days is that being intentional feels calm but committed. It’s not that there aren’t moments that can feel ‘hard’ at times, but the ‘hard’ is more like challenged instead of ferociously exuding energy in exchange for feeling ‘productive.

I’ve also noticed that when I, and my clients, show up intentionally, the feeling of ‘rush’ fades away. It’s so much more enjoyable and fun.

If you want different results, show up differently.


Notice if you’re hustling and ask yourself how that’s going for you. Are you feeling not enough, exhausted, and overwhelmed? Instead, how could you BE more intentional about creating what you want?

Here’s to having some FUN this week,


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