I’m changing things up big time for 2023…


I shared last week with you all that I’ve been sitting with the question, “Is this as good as it gets?!” My hope by sharing this personal note with you, it inspires you to consider what you really want more of in your lives, even if the rational side of you is saying, ‘that’s not possible.’

I preface all of this by saying, we’re extremely grateful for the opportunities we’ve had to be in this position, and I also want to acknowledge we’ve worked extremely hard, with so many peaks and valleys, to be able to make these kinds of choices.

After doing a lot of self-reflection and some honest conversations with John, we kept coming back to a few major thoughts:

1) We love our life in LA and are quite comfortable here. At the same time, we’re craving growth and adventure, two of our core family values.

2) We’re raising boys in a environment that caters to them, and we want to foster a deeper sense of awareness and resilience in them.

3) We’re craving deeper connection with one another as a family of five and feel a slower and simpler life-style would serve us at this time in our lives.

4) We’ve experienced the benefits of living and working abroad. We believe that it deepens our ability to connect with others and it’s been a desire for us to return for years now.

So, after much research and late night talks, and considering what would work best for our businesses, and our desires, we’re moving to Costa Rica in January for 6 months where the boys will attend a Spanish/English school and experience life in another country.

Yes, I’ll be coaching from there!!

We’re beyond excited, but believe me, many of my parts panic at 2am, wondering how the heck we’re going to pull this off?!

That’s where the leadership bit comes in.

There are more logistics to handle than one  can imagine (we have a mortgage, a dog, three cats, fish, a hamster, our boys are at three different schools) and it would be easy for me to listen to the parts of me who are hollaring…

“You’re nuts; this is going to sabotage your business”

“You’re never going to be able to find good, temporary homes for all of your animals; you have a puppy!!”

“Your youngest finally got settled into school after a very tough Fall, experiencing deep separation anxiety”

“Who’s going to rent our house for 6 months, furnished?”

My anxious, fearful parts are having a wild time as you can see, but I’ve learned that it’s not practical to try and silence them; it’s nearly impossible. So, I’m choosing to really self-lead, check in with those noisy voices, ask them about their concerns, and hear them out.  Each time I do this, I notice it calms my anxiousness faster than if I were to just ignore those voices and power through it.  The internal strategies are equally as important as the external strategies, because the experience of the journey matters as much if not more to me than the destination.

I’ve received a lot of questions from close friends about how we’re pulling this off in a short amount of time. John and I have lived abroad before and so we do have experience in international moves. However, the ‘how’ becomes easier when I take time to lead my inner parts. I feel so much more grounded and trusting of the process. I don’t need to have everything sorted, but I deeply trust that it will all come together, including with Sargent, our year old puppy, finding a loving foster home while we’re abroad.

I’m sharing this with you from a place of humility. I don’t have it all figured out, but I am committed to leading my life from values and leading my inner parts in a way that really give me the experience of calm and ease. I also know that this experience will birth new opportunities not only for my family, but for SG&Co. Stay tuned; more coming on that and I can’t wait to share with you all!!

I’m happy to answer any questions about our experience, and I’d love to hear what you’re desiring and where you get stuck in the process. I’m all in on supporting you to step into your deepest desires, now, with ease.


Much Love,

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Do you ever wonder “Is this as good as it can get?”

My oldest son’s 14th Birthday. Everybody older always tells you how quickly life goes by. It’s so cliche, but it’s so true. I found myself getting a bit nostalgic so stepped outside to write you all. When my oldest was born, we were quite settled in London and if you’d told me this PNW gal would be raising her boys in 72 and sunny LA, I never would have believed you.

I’m confident that John and I made the best choices we could, given what we knew at the moment, which have lead us to the life we’re leading now. I’m quite thankful for ALL that we’ve created and the people in our lives.

Certainly coming out of the pandemic, now more than ever I’ve found myself paying close attention to how I’m experiencing day to day, and sitting with the question

“Is this as good as it gets?”

I was in a conversation this month with a potential new client, and when I asked how things were going, he said, “pretty good. I mean I can’t complain. I have a really good job and I’m healthy.”

I dug in a bit more and asked, “On a rating scale 10 being I’m incredibly fulfilled and 0 being not so much, what number would you say?”

He answered with…

“I’m a 7. It’s good for now.”


A 7?! My insides shrieked, because 7 in my mind is the danger zone. It’s another way of saying, things are good. Fine.  Specifically, I make that response mean, “I should be thankful for what I have, even though things are OK, they’re but not amazing.”

I so get it. We are taught to be thankful for what we have, and to not desire more. Especially when there are people hurting more than us, and the political and economic landscape is as turbulent as it currently is right now.

I disagree. I believe now more than ever is an opportunity to evaluate the experience you’re having day to day, and ask yourself, “Is this as good as gets?”

This doesn’t have to mean you pull the ripcord and do a complete 180. It does mean that you carve out space to visit your values and measure how you’re living by them (if you don’t know your values, email me and I’ll send you my values guide to help you get clear).

It will also require you to believe that you are worthy of experiencing life a 10/10  regardless of the circumstances around you.

John and I have been doing this over the last couple of months, and recognized that within the value of connection, particularly within our family, we weren’t anywhere near a 10. We’d fallen prey to ‘life.

We’re changing things up for 2023, and I’ll be sharing more about that in the coming weeks. 

For now, as you begin to go into December, really ask yourself, ‘Is this as good as it gets?” From there, pull out those values and do some evaluating.


You’re worth it,

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