Success Stories

Patrick O’Neill

Chief Creative Officer, Los Angeles CA

I hadn’t realized how much I had kept my thoughts to myself. As the saying goes, “It’s lonely at the top” – and that is no longer true since I’ve been working with Sarah. She gave me the space to discuss all my dreams, ambitions, intentions, challenges, fears, and anxieties in a safe space – subjects I was very uncomfortable sharing with colleagues or contemporaries but knew I needed to examine and push through to get to the next level in my career. This breakthrough gave me the clarity and energy to allow my creativity and vulnerability to thrive.
Thank you, Sarah.

Katie Weitz, PhD

Executive Director at Weitz Family Foundation, Omaha NE

Working with Sarah has been a true gift to myself and investment in me. She has helped me cultivate the life I want to fulfill my dreams. From practical guidance in difficult situations to actualizing aspirational goals, Sarah holds space for me to be authentic and in my essence while living my legacy. Thank you Sarah!

Paul Uhlir

CEO of Add3 / Seattle, WA

Thanks to Sarah, our leadership team has never communicated as well. We found Sarah in the midst of a real dilemma. Together, we solved that specific issue. We didn’t stop there. 12-months in and we are having record months and we are happier working together.
Hire Sarah NOW if you can.

Michele L. Havens

President, Wealth Management, West Region, Los Angeles, CA

The biggest impact Sarah’s coaching has made on me relates to thinking about leadership in all spheres of life, whether professional or personal. My interactions are increasingly with purposeful intention and greater consciousness. That includes how I show up, the questions I ask, and the essence in which I attempt to exhibit energy and purpose. While I fail every day, upon reflection I am stronger for my mental debrief, growth and opportunities to learn and grow. You have sharpened by saw in completing this important circle of learning.
Working with Sarah is time consuming because it requires commitment.  Be prepared to 1) Prepare, 2) Dig deep 3) Reflect and 4) Be comfortable with the uncomfortable. The real learning happens when do all four of those things well.


Adam J. Ginivisian

Business Manager, Levity Live, Los Angeles, CA

Thanks to the skills,  tools, and support provided by Sarah Gibbons I have been able to identify my core values, and realize and create for myself a new vision for my life; I have a new career, a new home, an expanding family, and a new and refreshing Outlook on it all.



Lorraine Ketch

Director of Brand Strategy at The Propeller Group, Los Angeles, CA

Working with Sarah as my executive coach has been, without question, one of the best investments I have ever made in myself. Sarah’s keen insight, powerful skill set and strong leadership have expanded my thinking, brought fresh inspiration and built my confidence and skills. Sarah is an exceptional listener with a naturally warm style and a goal-focused approach that has delivered significant shifts in both my business and everyday life. Sarah came highly recommended to me and, in turn, I highly recommend Sarah to anyone making the critical decision of choosing an executive coach.

Xanthe Wells

Executive Creative Director, Devices & Services | Google/Nest, Palo Alto, CA

Sarah was invaluable to me. She helped me get to the next level. Although I initially needed some crisis management in dealing with an incredibly toxic and challenging work situation, Sarah ended up being the launchpad to a whole new self-understanding. She came to the rescue by prompting me to look inside myself and focus on what I really wanted to manifest.

Michael Di Girolamo

Founder & Managing Partner of Hey Wonderful, Los Angeles, CA

I’m a highly successful and over-functioning Executive Producer but after 25 years in production, I was not fulfilled and wanted more. Spoiler alert: it’s not money or consumption. I worked with Sarah to discover my leadership style and help shift me out from auto-pilot mode and back to what excites me with passion and ambition. I strived for a greater sense of purpose and meaning. Sarah guided me throughout the year as we peeled away each layer until we got to the core of what prevented me from living a more truthful, calm, and joyful life. I left my ego behind and came out of each session with a greater sense of purpose. I learned through our work together what it is to create a legacy through impact, using your voice clearly, and to live on your edge and how that defines your life and relationships. I learned to identify every energy leak I had and to align myself with people who share my core values and beliefs with a loving and open heart. (it’s not as scary as you think) I also learned to better manage my time and be more productive in my day and no it doesn’t block your “creativity.”

When we completed our work together, I found myself much more grounded in my “values” and confident in who I’m committed to being, a more authentic version of MYSELF which has helped my business grow with tremendous possibility. I became more curious and spontaneous and I now have a better sense of how I choose to live my life and what brings me joy and satisfaction. I think it’s safe to say I found what I was looking for in Sarah.

Jennifer Costello

Chief Strategy Officer at TBWA\Chiat\Day

Working with Sarah is an excellent experience. It’s what kept our team in open communication and leadership throughout the pandemic. She kept us accountable, helped us recognize patterns that served and those that don’t, and challenged us to speak to the truth and heart of the matter. We’re all the better for it.


Renato Fernandez

Chief Creative Officer at TBWA\Chiat\Day

 Sarah is an incredible Group Coach. She has an unique ability to strenght the group relationship and our aptness to work together as she manages to also focus on our individual growth and works our blind spots. I owe her greatly for improving my leadership skills. I highly recommend her for anyone driven to improve as a leader.



Cecil L. Hicks

MBA, SPHR, Chief Talent Officer, Omaha, NE

I can’t recommend The Father board enough because if a person is truly invested in the process-results will be realized in all aspects of their leadership. Led by a dynamic coach and rich dialogue from Father Board members I was truly amazed by this transformational experience-I highly recommend for anyone who sees the value in growing as a leader.

Erin Riley

CEO, TBWA Chiat Day Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA

Working with Sarah has been transformative for our Executives as individuals and as a team.  We had a group of smart, nice people who respected one another and yet the full realization of our ambitions eluded us…until we started 1:1 and group coaching.  This deepened our connection, improved our efficiency, and made it all more fulfilling.  Advertising is experiencing fundamental changes at speed, for us to thrive we had to be high functioning leaders: visionary, decisive, and empathetic.  Sarah has helped us to be more vulnerable, to be more candid, to be more accountable, to be more curious, and to be more confident.  Ultimately to lead with intention.  Working with Sarah is an investment of time and money, but the ROI will be 10X when you commit over time.


Charlie McBrearty

Broadcast & Digital Talent Management for Shortlist Management, Los Angeles, CA

Working with Sarah, I was able to find the voice inside of me that gave me more direction and purpose. Whether it was small day to day challenges or bigger picture, I was given a chance to sift thru the layers and move forward with a sense of accomplishment. The past year included so many pivots for all of us and having someone that I could lean into and keep me accountable was not only important but so valuable.


My Nguyen

CEO, My Healthy Dish, San Francisco, CA

Before working with Sarah my business  was doing very well from others’ perspective. I had a growing social platform, more business than I could handle and made more money than I’ve ever had before. With all that came anxiety, depression, fear and self-doubt. I was constantly worried that this wouldn’t last or that I didn’t deserve this success. After my first session with Sarah, I came to the conclusion that all my decisions were based on fear–I was letting fear make my decisions! During the months with Sarah, I started feeling excited about my work again. I woke up with more purpose and energy. I also took a leap of faith and bought my dream house. The old me would not have been able to pull the trigger because of self doubt. Now I believe more in myself, and that what I do matters.

Andrew Marinkovich

Director of Photography, Nebraska Loves Public Schools, Omaha NE

Maybe you’ve got it all figured out; maybe you don’t. Working with Sarah allowed me to see how my way of being affects me and those around me. Sarah helped me discover what change could look like and how small course corrections now could make huge differences in the future. Thanks to my sessions with Sarah, it didn’t take long for me to realize the difference in a created life vs. just going with the flow.

One day, my colleague introduced me to Sarah on a call. She asked tough questions that don’t come up in day-to-day conversations. I was taken aback at first. I felt instinctively defensive, which she quickly, effortlessly calmed in me.

That initial conversation I had with Sarah led to many more, ultimately teaching me to confront what stands in the way of truly communicating with others and creates a barrier to delivering my skills to the next level. The leadership skills I’ve gained from my time with Sarah have grown me both professionally and personally.

Amanda Irvine

Production Director at Just Jump Films

The Mother Board has helped me learn how to live intentionally from my true essence qualities, which has had a positive impact in all areas of my life – at work, in personal relationships, and most importantly as a mother. The connection among this group of brilliant, supportive women is beyond anything I’ve ever experienced. I’m positive that the seeds I planted through The Mother Board will continue to bloom for years to come.

Jen Kasle

CEO / Founder at The Talent, Beverly Hills, CA

At a time when life and leadership can feel so isolating, it was truly a gift to be able to connect with smart women, walking down different paths, but all with similar struggles and goals. The Motherboard provided me with coaching, accountability, tools, and friendship from sources who I would otherwise never have been connected.

Sally Nellson

Documentary Film Director / Editor / Producer, Oklahoma, NE

I think Sarah’s gift is challenging people’s assumptions about themselves to help them redefine what is possible in their life. She does it with such care, nuance, and patience that the changes feel organic — like she’s uncovering who I really am, and I recognize that person. Sarah’s insights about me and her ability to gently guide me toward my best self is masterful!

I can’t recommend her enough to anyone looking to redefine their leadership both for themselves and for their team.

Naomi Ackerman

Founder, Executive Director | The Advot Project

In a world saturated with advice givers, Sarah is a rare commodity.

Sarah’s incomparable integrity, honesty, and absolute loyalty make her the most remarkable coach. In the short time I have worked with Sarah, I have grown and reached goals I would have never set without her. Sarah led me with great patience and expertise to become a stronger leader, a wiser employer, and a more balanced human.

She is a wizard of her trade; she not only embodies a natural talent, Sarah has an incredible tool box of resources, articles, books, podcasts, and more that have enhanced my every move, bringing me and my work to a whole new level.


Michelle Raimo Kouyate

Principal, MRK Productions

Working with Sarah has been transformational for me. She has a laser-like ability to get to the heart of what has held me back, what issues have prevented me from moving forward, and guides me through a process to see these for myself. Sarah has been essential in helping me not be afraid to ask for what I want and what I need. As women, we sometimes hold back, and Sarah has uniquely helped me stepped forward with my authentic self and inner power. As a working Mom, it is especially valuable to do this coaching work with Sarah because she fully understands my need to have a strong balance between my professional and my personal life.

Shona Gupta

Marketing & Delivery Lead, Guidance, Marina Del Rey, CA

Working with Sarah has had a lasting, positive impact on both my professional and personal lives. She has an unwavering commitment to her clients, unmatched insight, and sincerity that helps draw people out of themselves in order to get a better view of their situation. Sarah is notably skilled at helping ambitious women find clarity around current struggles and guiding them to future successes. I regularly refer to the work we did together, which is the foundation that helped me step into my current role, CEO of Get Real Girl — a mission-driven effort aimed at empowering girls. Sarah undeniably helped me “get into the game” for myself and make an impact in the world.

Keiko Elizabeth

Actress, Los Angeles, CA

Sarah is an incredible coach, and an inspiring leader for women who want to live powerful, purpose-filled lives. She has an intuitive gift for sensing exactly what is needed to help me move forward and fully inhabit my creativity, freedom, and authentic power. Sarah understands what it is to find wholeness and integration in a full, busy, multi-directional life, and she is a master at helping women create their own unique life song and then sing it with passion.

Lizzie Alberga

Founder, Collective Gain, Los Angeles, CA

Before working with Sarah, I was living by others’ expectations of who I should. Fear and feeling trapped were everyday emotions. I knew I had to figure out how to change my life so that joy, ease, and fulfillment would return, I just didn’t know what else to try. Now, my life is changed forever. I got to know myself and articulated my life’s mission. I realized that I am an entrepreneur! Instead of living in fear, I live with gratitude that I have the unique gifts and talents to be a business creator. I started my business and I haven’t given up, even when it’s gotten tough. I feel incredibly empowered to create whatever life I want to create. It was the greatest gift I gave to myself and my family.

Erin Erenberg

Founder, Totum Women, Los Angeles, CA

When I met Sarah, I was feeling dragged behind the bus of my life. I had decided that I didn’t have the time or energy to invest in a meaningful career. Thinking about my wholeness and fulfillment seemed selfish. But, my empty cup meant that I wasn’t showing up in the best way for my loved ones, either. Coaching with Sarah revolutionized my business and my life. Sarah met me with an open heart, attentive ear, and wise soul while providing loads of tools to advance my goals. I believe that I matter enough to invest in my values and how I spend my time, and I’m truly stepping into my desires and servant-hearted leadership. I’ve created a business from scratch and put family first in a way that was never possible. Every day that I take action steps forward, even when it’s scary, and I come away more courageous and more fulfilled. I didn’t see a path forward for this before I began working with Sarah and, now, nothing will stop me!

Alexis Ferris Bridoux

Business Associate & Project Manager, PayPal, Paris, France

Sarah helps me look at situations with a fresh and invigorating perspective. She is kind and wise while subtly pushing me with just enough force to ease me into learning new tactics and not beating myself up for not seeing the way on my own. She skillfully guides me through my own thought process to see the ups and downs as opportunities for personal growth. I also genuinely appreciate how she brings her own struggles to the table, reminding me that I am not alone and that there is never one fast fix, but instead the opportunities to learn and evolve.

Dr. Robin Fawcett

General Practitioner, dōTerra Wellness Advocate, London, UK

Coaching with Sarah provided a personal confidence and clarity-of-vision for my business. She helped me identify my core values and strengths, giving me the determination to truly find and execute against a solid path with a tenacity that was absent before our sessions. My boundaries at home matured and became more secure as well; I’m now intentional about being present with my husband and kids, which has also generated positive halo effect on my work.

The most significant and lasting insight from my time with Sarah has been the recognition that my anxiety about not fulfilling other people’s expectations was a huge energy-drain on my business. By genuinely understanding that pleasing people is NOT one of my core values, I have been able to confidently identify and commit to values that do make me tick: integrity and service. The by-product of this understanding and my work with Sarah is an enormous, personal relief, and the joy of seeing my business flourishing like never before.

Gretchen Fowler

Sr. Account Executive | Salesforce

I recognize there is potential to be a powerful career woman while also embracing my new role as mother of two. Starting my own business feels like I am finally listening to my inner voice and not trying to squash it. Sarah has given me the confidence, perspective and tools to make it happen.