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1-1 Deep Dive Coaching

You are a driven woman. You are growth-minded. In fact, you knock my socks off with the number of hats you wear. You’ve likely achieved a high level of success, which maybe you’re ambivalent about or feel confined by. You have a tendency for action and achievement and aren’t new to getting it all done. You may find yourself asking, “Is this all there is?” at the same time when you think, “This is all too much.”

You might be starting to think about your legacy, but not in the banal traditional way of setting up money for your children. No, you want to make an impact that outlasts you, a meaningful contribution to the lives of your children, your neighbors, your friends and colleagues, and you want to feel the joy that arises from the experience of living this legacy in the present moment. You may be hungry for greater purpose, deeper connections, lasting fulfillment. You want to experience that you really matter; that you are remarkable.

You maybe aren’t able to even articulate the wanting of all these things until reading this just now. You’re ready to experience your exponential life now.

If this sounds like you, I’m so excited that you’re here. I can help you and your remarkable, hat-wearing, hungry-for-more self. Bring me your muddled thinking, your bad ideas, your exhaustion, your glimmers of miracles. Bring me your radical vitality, your most potent mojo, your wildest crazy dreams. The world wants you in all of your wonders. The world needs you in all of your wonders. Let’s get to work.

When you are ready, contact me and we will have a powerful conversation about all of you, all of your dreams, and how to make them come alive.


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Male/Female Executive + Team Coaching

For Executives

Are you leading a team of executives and business leaders who are hungry to elevate to their fullest potential at work and across all other areas of their lives? Do you believe that performance is directly related to experiencing the fullest expression of who you are in all areas of your life? In other words, the way you do one thing is the way you do everything, making it critical to look at all aspects of your life. You’re looking to move away from transactional leadership, looking at the ROI and bottom line, and into transformational leadership, ensuring your team can thrive personally and professionally. This results in not only a bigger contribution and impact, but also exponential growth that blossoms with grace and ease without any of the typical feelings of overwhelm, exhaustion, and in flight-or-fight mode.

Through coaching, executives experience:

  • Improved clarity around goals, values, purpose
  • Expansion of energy and time; reduction of burnout and dissatisfaction
  • Increased ROI without working more hours
  • Greater confidence with ease and quality of decision making
  • Transformation of limiting beliefs, behaviors, and habits
  • More powerful personal presence
  • Deeper, more authentic personal and professional relationships
  • Decreased stress and increased levels of personal and professional satisfaction
  • Greater sense of integration and connection between all parts of ones’ lives

For Teams

Traditionally, coaching is majority-focused on the evolution of individual leaders. But, now more than ever, it’s the optimal time to improve leadership behavior in a team setting where all leaders are simultaneously learning tools to advance together & repair team-dynamic-disruption caused by the pandemic. My work with teams is often inspired by a period of transition or challenge such as changing leadership or an increase in organizational scope and scale. Team coaching is a custom-designed program, tailored for the unique gifts and challenges of each group, balancing out tangible tools with deep inner work.

Through coaching, organizations experience:

  • Decreased turnover
  • Greater sense of common purpose and vision
  • Increased sense of cohesiveness, connection, and well-being
  • More communication, less conflict
  • Increased effectiveness, smoother interpersonal workflow
  • Greater individual efficacy within the context of the group

If you think coaching might be just what you need to move your organization forward, I’d love to have a conversation about the needs and vision of your organization to see how I can help you make a greater impact in your work.

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The Board

A 9-month facilitated experience for women, in which you will find YOUR Board — a highly-curated peer group designed to deliver each member a personal Board of Directors, propelling them to the next level of their potential.

A curated group of relationships enriched by an “old friend” feeling, but absent the agreeable instinct; an advisor, but with more mutuality who is also a coach, demonstrating and accepting of vulnerability.

A new kind of peer experience for women based on the idea that revolutionary growth happens in revolutionary relationships.

Retreat to Zion National Park to fortify the work executed with your Board.

The What

We designed The Board as an entirely new category of female relationship & peer experience. We all have friends, colleagues, mentors, advisors, therapists — we know what those relationships are like. The Board is none of those. It’s a highly-curated peer group of women, developed over a 9-month facilitated experience, who serve as each others’ Personal Board of Directors, propelling each

The Why

In our overly-connected, yet disconnected, modern world, we are hungry for authentic connection. We often seek that connection in friends, spouses, mentors — the kinds of relationships that we see modeled for us in society. And yet, as women, we find ourselves craving a kind of relationship that we can’t exactly describe & aren’t able to find — an “old friend” feeling, but absent the agreeable instinct; an advisor, but with more mutuality who is also a coach, demonstrating & accepting of vulnerability. What is this kind of relationship? Until now, it hasn’t existed in any systematic way.

Enter, The Board where you will develop this relationship with the women who will become the kind of female transformational partners you seek — the women who will serve as your Personal Board of Directors. They will be invested in your success, not threatened by the “new you”; they will accept you completely & challenge you to become the person they know you can be.

The Who

The Board is for women who crave depth, joy, & purpose; who are willing to take a stand for their own potential & for the potential of others. If you’re seeking a group of women who will support you in a way that is both accepting & challenging; if you’re hungry to uplevel your leadership, so your life can be the truest expression of who you’re here to become; if you’re willing to double down & commit resources in your own growth & in the growth of others, then The Board is for you. At SG & Co, we believe the greatest growth happens in the context of others, so we’ve created a new kind of peer experience for women based on the idea that revolutionary growth happens in revolutionary relationships.

The How

The Board is a 9-month peer experience for a highly-curated group of up to eight women. The 2021 Board curriculum runs March – November 2021 & includes progressively-designed coaching (2x /mo.), a 2-day leadership retreat, a collective impact project, & additional member-curated experiences.
The Board is highly curated and is in high demand due to the intimate size of the group. Since it only runs 1x a year and there’s nothing really like it that we’ve found, it’s highly sought after. If you’re at all interested, email Jayme@sarahgibbons.co to schedule a conversation with Sarah. It fills up extremely quickly. 

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Workshops + Speaking

There is nothing like the energy that is generated from a group of driven, inspired women who gather together to learn, to grow, and to expand. This incomparable energy is what brings me back to speaking again and again. I’ve conducted workshops about work-life wholeness for female, driven executives who have many titles and are hungry for a sense of aliveness, inner-peace, and more fulfillment. I’ve key noted for groups as large as 75 and as intimate as 8. The charge that I experience when witnessing a public insight, an unusual connection, a shared revelation is electric for me.

If I can be of service to your event, let’s have a conversation about your goals and audience to see how I might complement your vision and add value to your participants.


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