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We work with highly driven individuals, entrepreneurs, executives + teams on intentional leadership.

Leadership is so commonly misplaced as only a corporate art, a job title, or for a person of stature. We implore our clients to consider how they act with leadership throughout their whole day and in all aspects of their life.

Knowing that when you harness your power, when you can operate from your zone of genius and be intentional with how you lead, you succeed - whatever that means to you.

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The true measure of your legacy is not what you leave behind, but your immediate impact on the world and the people around you. Your legacy is here, today. It shows up in the way you enjoy your meals, in your conversations with colleagues,and in the quality and texture of your closest relationships.

We help you gain clarity on the legacy you're committed to creating. And it will radically shift the way you lead, and live, in all areas of your life.

Making an Impact Starts With You.

Growth creates a ripple effect. When one person grows in consciousness, everyone else around them feels it. That's impact. That's interconnection. We help you live a life that you love. A life of meaning. A life of service. A life of impact.

Be first

Be First

Do second

Our culture rewards our ability to do anything and everything.The result of such focus on doing + achieving is that you canbe left feeling exhausted, anxious and overwhelmed. You'reforgetting to nourish your being.

We know that investing in your beingness is a top priority.When your beingness is operating from a place of alignment,the doing + achieving takes care of itself, and you'll feel morethan merely successful, you'll feel fulfilled.

Excellence Requires Preparation.

Not procrastination or perfection. Sometimes it means slowing way down and being selective, being ruthless with yourself to own your desires, face your habits, plot your trajectory. We push your excellence, and that only happens on the other side of your excuses.

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To best facilitate this deeply intense and transformative work, we've created TheBoards, a collection of unique frameworks to help people see paths to personalleadership growth at the various stages of their lives.

  1. The Board: for career-first, multi-dimensional women
  2. The Circuit Board: for busy individuals who want tools to noticeably enrichtheir leadership
  3. The Father Board: for fathers with deep professional experience and ambitions
  4. The Mother Board: for mothers craving the need for clarity and support

We also have limited 6-month 1:1 Deep Dive Coaching spots available with Sarah Gibbons and bespoke Corporate Coaching Programs.

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