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I’m calling a Time-Out

December 10, 2020

As my boys say in our house, TO (time-out in case you’re wondering). I’m calling Time-Out. I want to get a pulse check. We’re 9 months into this Pandemic, the holidays are here and many of us have had COVID, haven’t seen loved ones in months and are feeling the impact in our businesses. It’s More

Embracing an ‘Off Year’

November 25, 2020

Who else is full of mixed emotions heading into the holidays? You’re not alone, as I know many of us haven’t seen family members since 2019.  My husband hasn’t seen his Dad in Houston in over a year, as we had to cancel our Spring Break trip to see him. I get it. This particular More

How to crawl out from underneath the overwhelm & underwhelm…

October 30, 2020

9 months into the Pandemic, and I feel like I was starting to feel a sense of acceptance around all of the unexpected.  However, as we cruise into the last two months of 2020, I’m realizing that all the initial feels I had at the beginning of the pandemic around ‘loss’ are rushing back.  The More

Kate Hancock + Sarah Gibbons | Inspired By Her

July 21, 2020

Hi SG Community, I was honored to be a guest on Kate Hancock’s top-rated podcast, Inspired By Her. I met Kate at Tidal Summit this year and she is the real deal. Not only is she an incredibly ambitious Serial entrepreneur, speaker, and mom to two amazing boys, she’s incredibly kind, authentic and curious.  Did I More

Residing in the tension between being and doing….

July 10, 2020

Hi Tribe, Even though I’m almost eight years in on running my own business and nearly 12 years of parenting, I’m still working on my ability to hang in the tension between slowing down and intensely running with my ambition. It’s hard to admit this because I feel like I should have it figured out More

I can’t sleep, my heart has something to say to you.

June 25, 2020

We’re leaving on a 13-hour road trip today, and I just couldn’t sleep. Rather then tossing and turning I decided to write to our SG Tribe. This is a longer share, but there’s no quieting my heart, so I appreciate you being here, reading and engaging my thoughts (pls excuse typos). I have an invitation More

Own Your Impact: The World Needs You Now

June 12, 2020

Do you get just how powerful you are? The reason I ask is I noticed a clear theme this week with a segment of my clients: women in powerful leadership roles with track records of traditional success, unknowingly giving their power away. I’m calling attention to it because I don’t think it’s relevant to just More

A Personal Note From Sarah

June 6, 2020

How is your Heart today?  Given the fear and loss created by Covid-19 to the horrific murder of George Floyd to the ongoing racism that exists in everyday moments, I’m disgusted, saddened, and stunned. I’m also intimidated.   In full transparency, I’ve written and rewritten this email several times this week, only to come back to More

Action ignites Inspiration: Meet Katie Weitz

May 28, 2020

SG: What do you want the SG Tribe to know about you?  Katie Weitz: My name is Katie Weitz, and I was raised in Omaha, Nebraska. I started my social justice career boycotting Nestle and writing letters to President Reagan to stop nuclear armament at age six. 40 years later, while my understanding of social More

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