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Parents listen up!

November 23, 2021

THIS WEEKS LEADERSHIP INSIGHT What got you here, isn’t going to get you THERE.   In just 24 hours, I’ll officially be a parent of a teen: Levi turns 13 tomorrow. I’ve been reflecting so much as we come upon this milestone. All the obvious “where did the time go? How am I old enough More

How to be a Fun Killer

November 23, 2021

THIS WEEKS LEADERSHIP INSIGHT CALL YOURSELF OUT.   Are you going a mile a minute with back-to-back meetings, work, children, personal projects, while thinking about what you’re cooking for dinner and getting “organized” for the holidays? You’re left feeling exhausted, overwhelmed and even bored from the groundhog’s day feeling that can arise when we push More

Are you too busy to accept an opportunity?

November 2, 2021

THIS WEEKS LEADERSHIP INSIGHT If you’re too busy to say yes to something you really want, are you willing to lead from a different quality in order to create it? Almost all of my clients, and myself included, have a bias for action. We like to plow through things and get it done. That also tends to mean that are More

Was anyone ready for this week?

October 26, 2021

We’re on the brink of the holiday season and I’m slipping into old patterns. We waited until this week to sort out Halloween costumes, and Amazon was not an option (gone are the days of excitement and appreciation for my handmade Halloween costumes). Sure enough, we were driving from one Halloween store to another trying More

Do you CHOOSE possibility or do you argue for your limitations?

October 14, 2021

Today’s leadership kick: Where do you argue for your limitations/life circumstances instead of choosing possibility? – I just returned from 4 days in the majestic National Zion Park, where I hosted the retreat for The Board. These women have spent 9 months consistently choosing to show up for each other and themselves. Through two hour More

Preparing for something important?

October 6, 2021

Today’s leadership kick: Before that big event or meeting, take the time to create a vision for how you want to experience it. Then let that vision guide the choices you make. – This Friday I’ll be heading to Zion National Park with a group of incredibly driven, open-hearted, growth-minded women who have been part More

Do you judge yourself?

September 28, 2021

Today’s leadership kick: It’s hard to show up in leadership if you’re full of judgment. – I had a doozy of a day last week. I was in a coaching session with a client who generously provided some feedback and my ego had a heyday. Before I knew it I had a pit in my stomach, More

What’s the Last Decision You Made for Yourself?

September 22, 2021

Today’s leadership kick: Decision-making flows more easily when we’re integral to ourselves. – I’m really noticing how many people are ‘coping’ with the world right now.  Hanging on by a thread, grinding it out, rinse and repeat, left with the impact of feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, and isolated. When I put it that way doesn’t it More

Are you Decisive?

September 14, 2021

Today’s leadership kick: Close one of your biggest ENERGY LEAKS by improving your decision-making skills – * Do you wake up with a million thoughts going through your head and debate for a few minutes where to begin? * Do you debate decisions at work, causing you to spend extra energy on something, only to More

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