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I’ve been working with ambitious, driven women & men for over a decade. Individuals who are leaders in every sector of their lives. Many of my clients  have said yes to a full life, but have yet to experience and engage all of who they are—the loud, the soft, the powerful, the compassionate, the creative. When you embrace yourself in all of your wonders, you tap into your unique leadership voice and unlock the power to create a truly meaningful contribution to the world around you. The world wants you—the world needs you—in all of your wonders.

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“This is a new wave of women in leadership, using their voices to create progress with compassion and creativity.”


Tidal Summit

This isn’t your typical summit where you get inspired by brilliant women, but within 24 hours, you’re back in the usual grind with the inspiration nowhere in sight. Tidal is not about inspiration, it’s about generating movement and momentum, building your community and commitment. Living your legacy now and loving it. All of it. 2019 dates coming soon.

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Are you future tripping or future planning?

I was working with one of my clients last week and she started sharing about her future. Instead of experiencing curiosity, possibility and all the good feels that come from that exercise, she was knee deep in anxiousness. WHY? Because she was trying to get it right. Which lead to over-thinking, feeling anxious, overwhelmed, like More


How to tell if it’s time to put your needs first.

Today’s leadership kick: Are you sacrificing your own needs to be in service to others? If you value growth, stretching and pushing yourself, then I can bet you also feel the need to say yes to opportunities or obligations you think you should do as a leader, EVEN IF it turns your stomach in knots More


What gets in your way of being engaged?

I can’t tell you how many times I hear: I want to be more engaged with my children, with my partner, with (fill in the blank). I wish my team was more engaged, more curious, less resigned. BUT… (the #1 excuse I hear) I’m being pulled a million directions, and don’t have enough time. Look, More


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