About Looking Out Foundation

I’m a massive Brandi Carlile fan. I absolutely love her music; it speaks to me on so many levels. What I find most fascinating though is that she started as a busker at Seattle’s Pike’s Place Market during the 90’s close to where I lived. She graduated to playing a small bar for tips in my neighborhood. She evolved to small venues, bigger ones, contributing to soundtracks, & earning her first of five Grammy’s with 12 nominations in 2018. Her tenacity across 25+ years of challenges is inspiring, and what’s fascinating is her clear line of values throughout: she gives back. And, not just for PR purposes; she actually gives back. She and bandmates, Phil & Tim Hanseroth,  created  The Looking Out Foundation that “amplifies the impact of music by empowering those without a voice” which has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for organizations that are rooted in arts, civil rights, community development, health, education and development and women.

During COVID, Brandi and her band have put on virtual concerts to raise money for those who have been left without jobs absent concerts. Her art is soul-filling. And, her commitment to her values make her art ring so clearly and loudly as true. It’s fascinating. And, it’s a guide for all of us. For me, with SG&Co., we value servant leadership in every way possible, which is why we’ve chosen the Looking Out Foundation as our Non-profit for 2021. We will be giving a % of proceeds from programs and events to the Looking Out Foundation in support of empowering those without a voice. We believe it is everyone’s birthright to experience their fullest expression and will do whatever it takes to help make it possible for as many as we can.

A portion of proceeds from Tidal 2021 will be going back to the Looking Out Foundation, amplifying music by giving those a voice who don’t have it.  Brandi Carlisle, is not only near to my heart, but she's also an incredible example of what it looks like to live your legacy intentionally each day.