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Are you falling into the “Connection” trap?

May 17, 2022

For all my peeps out there whose #1 value is connection, read this carefully as you might be falling into the trap that I notice a lot of my community, clients and friends are. Now more than ever as we emerge from 2 years working at home, little to know travel and/or interactions with others, More

Administering CPR to your Creativity

May 11, 2022

For all my people who live by checklists, and go through the day trying to ‘get it all done in EVERY area of your life, this is for you. From one driven leader to another, going about your day that way can feel really dang good in the moment, *but* it can leave you feeling More

Creating a Culture of Candor

May 3, 2022

Well, Good Morning, you. Are you ready to embrace the day!? Here’s what I’ve been seeing this week that may help you lean into the day as a stronger leader…. So for context, I spend a lot of time with corporate execs from creative agencies and foundations, and one of the biggest desires I’m hearing from them More

Mother’s Day gifts are getting an upgrade

April 26, 2022

This one’s specifically for the Mothers. And for those of you who might not be a mother yourself, I know for sure you know one – so please also read along and forward forward forward. So Mother’s – My Dear sweet Mother’s – we’re a tricky group of people. Because we’re 1st to say YES More

We Spent a Week in Belize 🌴

April 19, 2022

We just returned from a week in Belize. It’s incredible what happens when you create space in your life and protect it with clear boundaries. Despite having a very full business and an incredibly loving and involved husband, I was feeling conflicted the month leading up to this holiday – excitement for what’s to come, More

One of the greatest moments in leadership came from the Oscars

April 6, 2022

What a week! Yes, I live in LA, and work amongst a lot of people in the creative industry, but I still couldn’t get over how many conversations I heard in the past week following the Chris Rock + Will Smith moment at the Oscars.  Not to mention all of the op-ed pieces, social posts, and memes written More

Pt. 2 of How we bought our house…

March 8, 2022

Where do you start when you desire something that is outside of your comfort zone and therefore stirs up all kinds of resistance? Glad you asked. You start with a VISION. If you missed last week’s post, take a beat and read HERE for an intentional and simple take on writing a vision (that I guarantee More

The secret behind how we bought our house…

March 7, 2022

So thinking more about this week and where you could shift some of your focus… Your Vision   I kind of shocked myself mid-week when I was looking at an old vision exercise I had done for myself, and realized when it came to visualizing a future home I wanted for my family and I…we More

What’s the 1st impression you give?

February 16, 2022

Today I launch my 2022 The Board group and it has me thinking a lot about…first impressions. As I prepare to welcome this incredible group of men and women I find myself jostling back and forth between feelings of confidence, nervousness, and *old habits* of wanting to “get it right” (whatever the heck that means). More

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