Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.

– Leo Tolstoy

Sarah Gibbons

How can I work with your teams?

I work with creators, natural born ideators, entrepreneurs, leaders and storytellers. The souls who are driven by their values, are curious and see the world for it’s opportunity.

But those souls also need a helping hand sometimes. Often further along in their career when they have amassed success, and have ticked proverbial boxes and now may be feeling stilted, uninspired, or disconnected from their next step or greater legacy.

This is where we shine together.

I’m deeply passionate about working with clients at the intersection of creativity and impact. Those that have that creative appetite for life but are also driven by a purpose beyond themselves.

Here is where I’ll help you reconnect to your zone of genius and help you live your legacy today.

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I hadn’t realized how much I had kept my thoughts to myself. As the saying goes, “It’s lonely at the top” – and that is no longer true since I’ve been working with Sarah. She gave me the space to discuss all my dreams, ambitions, intentions, challenges, fears, and anxieties in a safe space – subjects I was very uncomfortable sharing with colleagues or contemporaries but knew I needed to examine and push through to get to the next level in my career. This breakthrough gave me the clarity and energy to allow my creativity and vulnerability to thrive.

Patrick O’Neill, Chief Creative Officer, Los Angeles, CA

Patrick O’Neill

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