I Had An Epiphany On My Date Night…

I’ve missed you. I’ve been a little MIA these past couple of weeks. I don’t want to bore you with details, but I will sum it up as: LIFE happened. Things got moving fast, and I couldn’t slow down.  Maybe you can relate. It wasn’t until I went on my date night with John last night that it hit me.


My Simple Trick For Making Things Happen in 2017

Now what? You’ve declared how you want to feel or what you want, and might have even gone as far as setting a goal, but have you noticed how quickly life gets in the way? Suddenly, that thing you were going to change gets shoved to the side, and before you know it, 2017 is starting to look a lot like 2016.


How strong is your sisterhood?

This past Saturday, I experienced millions of sisters and (and brothers) coming together in friendship, laughter, solidarity, and support. All around me, I witnessed mother/daughter combinations, friendships that looked like they dated back to before the arms march in the 60’s, as well as new friendships that signaled the beginning of something special.


What Happens When You Feel Seen and Heard?

Have you ever had the experience of really feeling seen and heard by another person? When someone just receives you without agenda or judgment, but instead, with compassion and acceptance. So much so that you feel comfortable enough talking to the point where you are tripping over your words because you can’t get them out fast enough?


Here’s how you can experience ALL of who you are

I love the start of the school year. Seeing familiar faces that we haven’t seen in a while, renewed energy amongst both the children and the parents, and a curiosity about what the year will bring. I even take comfort in the anxiety that creeps in as I watch my boys find out which teachers they received and hunting to see if their friends got in the same class.


Craving More Freedom?

In nearly every conversation I have throughout the day, I hear the word freedom. I hear it referenced by my working Mom clients, stay-at-home Moms, and young professionals – everyone wants to experience more freedom.

This weekend, I mustered up the strength to visit our storage unit with all three boys in tow and found myself on a mission. In the past I would hem and haw over each item. But, not this time. I had a ‘take no prisoners’ attitude and loaded up our car with things that have been collecting dust since we returned from London 6 years ago. It became clear to me that I want to feel lighter and, by doing away with these last few items from a European move, I can do that.

Where are you craving freedom?

Freedom to express what’s on your mind and in your heart?

Freedom from overwhelm, anxiety, and sacrifice?

Freedom to experience something new?

Freedom to do what you love and get paid for it?

Freedom to change your mind?

Freedom to be spontaneous?

Freedom to do nothing!

If freedom and a life you love from the inside out is what you’re after, then the best place to start is your mindset. It’s so refreshing to know that you don’t have to be a victim of your circumstances any longer and can chose how you relate to each situation you’re in. The freedom will come in knowing you have a choice in every moment you experience.

Grab the same juicy 2-step process I use with CWM clients to experience as much freedom you’re able to receive:

What are your core values? It’s super important to pick words and phrases that you feel connected to. Do not pick words that you think you need to have on your list. Try and narrow down to five.
Display these values in front of you daily and, each time you make a decision, run them through your values. You want to discover if that choice supports your governing philosophy and how you want to experience your life OR if it constricts you.

What’s fascinating to me is that corporations do this religiously, yet as individuals I find most of us waffle when it comes to sharing our top five values. It’s no surprise that we feel out of alignment, compromised, overwhelmed, unexpressed, under-utilized, and exhausted because we’re not acting in our truth.

It’s time to start living the best version of you. I’m nudging you a bit to try this on because what’s on the other side is happiness. Calmness. Intimacy. Fulfillment. Inspiration. Love. Aliveness.

Much Love,

Inspire Your Inner Adventurer

Everytime I sit down to write about this experience, I get a bit giddy inside. There are two things I LOVE in life: surprises and adventure. Why? Because it ignites the feeling of wonder, play and aliveness inside of me. It takes the days that can start to feel very routine, mundane and dare I say groundhog like and put them on their head.


How to pursue your goals AND relish the experience

Do you ever struggle being fully present with what you are doing in this moment? Perhaps occupied with a project at work when you are actually spending time with your children? Or maybe worrying about your child’s report card while taking a shower? And I’m not even going to say the word “Facebook.”


The Difference Between Happening FOR You & TO You

The other day I was caught up with getting ready for a school holiday, prepping for a trip, packing up my family, and all that goes into taking a break from my practice. I was buzzing around, tying up loose ends, when my middle son looked up and said, “Look mom, the trees are dancing. They’re trying to delight me.”


What I Love About Being a Mom

In a recent conversation that felt more like a major blow up with my oldest son, he asked me, “Do you like being a Mom?” Initially, the voice in my head had quite a sarcastic response, but my heart immediately felt a heavy sigh. “Of course I do.” It was that moment when I realized {again} that this whole thing called Motherhood is pretty mind-blowing. Full stop.


3 Signs You’re Living A Conscious Life

Do you feel purposeful in your life? Excited by the legacy that you’re going to leave? For me, there was a time, when I use to feel a sense of, “what am I going to be remembered for?” because of my lack of fulfillment. Not anymore.

Do you genuinely feel a sense of joy about who you are, what you stand for, and how you show up for yourself? I know we’re human, but generally speaking, do you feel alive and able to receive pleasure on all levels?

Do you like who you are and give yourself permission to speak up, share and express yourself with others?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then congrats! You are on your way to experiencing life consciously. However, if you experiencing a few NO’s, here are some tools for you:

1.Craving Purpose? It’s time to get clear on how you want to FEEL, before you can decide on what you want!

ACTION STEP: What does purpose feel like to you? Describe all the feelings that come up for you. Don’t limit yourself. Get crystal clear on all the feelings, qualities, and values that you require to experience in order to feel purpose. This will become your template to build upon in designing what it is you want to DO.


2. Ready for more Joy? Begin by opening up all your senses to receive more joy.

ACTION STEP:  Listen to music that fires you up, hug your partner or children 5 seconds longer than normal, go for a 5 minute walk everyday and immerse yourself in the outdoors, use spices on your food (cinnamon is a great one), flowers in your house to smell, and I highly suggest taking the time to spread lotion on your body after the shower. This allows you to connect with yourself.

3. Want to deepen your self-love and self-trust? What’s something you desire more of in your life, but are holding back and not speaking up around?

ACTION STEP: Give yourself permission to be honest first with yourself about what it is you desire. Secondly, share it with one person close to you. You will be amazed at the freedom you feel by sharing it with someone close and the increased connection you will feel with yourself.

As women living at the intersection of ambition and authenticity, we have a choice as to  whether we want to experience life consciously. These 3 steps help me experience meaning and joy, all while learning to like myself all over again after I took on the role of motherhood.

Here’s to living authentically and consciously,

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What If My Idea of Success Starts With Being Instead of Doing More?

Sticky-NotesHi Working Moms,
I wanna know what’s a typical day like for you and how do you experience joy  and success amongst the demands of motherhood and your career? When do your start, and when does it end? Regardless of whether you run your own business, go into a corporate office, or have flex hours, there’s often a feeling of wanting to accomplish as much as possible in order to feel successful, which we expect to produce happiness.

Most working Moms are very busy getting as much done as they possibly can during their awake state.

Here’s a typical day of one of my dear, working Mom friends.

Typical Day:

  • 4:45 – 6am: get up and work for an hour
  • 6 – 7am: hit the early morning workout class
  • 7 – 7:30: get kids started (dressed, breakfast etc.) before nanny arrives at 7:30
  • 7:30 – 8:30: shower and get out the door
  • 8:30 -9:30: sit in traffic
  • 9:30 – 6pm: work
  • 6 – 7pm:  Networking related work event 2x a week or  meeting for volunteer organization 1x a week
  • 7:30 – 8:30: get home, check homework, make dinner, make lunches for next day, figure out children’s needs for following day, and add to the never-ending to-do list for the weekend
  • 8:30 – 9: get kids down for the night (teeth, stories etc.)
  • 9 – 10:30: work/ read
  • 10:30 – 11pm: talk to my husband and go to bed!

My hunch is that you have your own variation of this schedule; every minute feels accounted for. Do you find that you consistently try to cram one more thing in pursuit of what feels like success to you? Or happiness? Note, what works for one of you, could absolutely not work for other other.

We all can agree that there’s a general pressure for all of us to do more in order to be successful and feel happy. For Working Moms, it’s not about doing more, it’s about being more. This is a huge paradigm shift compared to the way the corporate world has traditionally encouraged us to operate: work first, be second. Meaning, if you succeed in work, you will then be happy and traditionally speaking, society focuses on what you should accomplish, instead of who you are as a person.

In a nutshell, I’ve discovered if I really want to feel like a success and experience loads of happiness and fulfillment, I have to let my ‘being’ inform my ‘doing,’ not the other way around (cramming one more thing into my schedule or multi-tasking, resulting in exhaustion and resentment).

 Here are 4 simple tips to help you experience success and joy through letting your Being influence you Doing:

  1. Check-in with yourself. Are you experiencing exactly how you want to feel each day? Fulfillment? Inspiration?  If not, follow steps #2 – #4
  2. Give yourself permission to live in the flow and flexibility of life, instead of controlling every minute of your day. By embracing flexibility, you will strengthen your ability to reside in your being vs. doing.
  3. Ask yourself each morning morning, what is the one thing you can do each day to support the way you want to feel (answer to #1). Make that your main priority for the day.
  4.  Practicing self-compassion when you veer from your schedule. The goal is to enjoy life and “be” in it vs. watching from the sidelines while you try and “do” more.

Being a working Mom can feel grueling. It can also feel incredibly rewarding and inspiring as we model who we are and exhibit our gifts for our children.

If you can relate to the working Mom who’s still trying to do just one more thing each day, so that she can feel like a success, then I’d love to talk with you. I’ve been there and I’ve also burned out from it.  I’ve helped women replace the pattern of doing more with strengthening their being, so that they can experience success defined by a living a full life with grace, joy and with plenty of abundance.

Let your being inform your doing. It’s through this lens that you will experience a lot more joy and the kind of success I think we all want. Not to mention new opportunities will come to you because of your new ability to not only see and receive them. This can come in the form of a promotion, a child, or finding your soulmate.  Try these tips and let me know how you define success in my comments section. I’d love to hear from you! Remember, there’s no ‘set schedule,’ to define success,  it’s really does come down to what feels right for you, so listen to your intuition and course correct if need be.

Much love,

Sarah xx

Summers coming….as a Working Mom are you ready?

WFHSummer is one quarter away and are you starting to get hit with questions like, “What are your summer plans?”, “Which summer camps are you signing up for?”, “Have you figured out which days you’re going to take off for the summer?”

Have you started to receive emails about camp deals and heard chatter from other parents as they frantically start to sort out their summer plans?

In my world, I can say yes to all of the above! I also have a small confession: Until recently, I use to dread summer holidays. Here’s why: Summer would arrive, school was out, and I couldn’t be home with my children! The initial thought went against all of my visions of being a Mom and experiencing summer’s with my children. Interestingly, when I got really honest with myself, I wasn’t sure if I could handle being home all day with my highly energetic crew and the exceptional amount of patience that it requires. However, I also was operating under the misbelief, that if I wasn’t home with my children during the summer, that none of us would experience an idyllic holiday. I have vivid memories of long summer days at home with my school teacher Mom, playdates with friends, berry picking, riding bikes, week long holidays at my grandparents, long car trips to visit my cousins, and many days where I had enough time to get bored and lounge around in the hot sun. I did attend the most wonderful summer camp, but it was over a condensed amount of time, so I was at home with my family the majority of the break. Oh, the memories. Fast forward to the life of a working Mom, and I simply couldn’t imagine creating the type of summer experiences for myself or for my children because of my full-time work schedule. I also fell into the comparison trap, believing that stay at home Moms were having a lot more fun come summer time and that their kids were too because their Moms were at home.

Can you relate to any of this? I have to tell you, three boys later, I have done a 180 turn, and it feels incredibly liberating and refreshing. I’ve grown to love summers and, instead of feeling stressed, anxious, and anticipating disappointment, I feel excited about the upcoming season and all the new experiences in store for both my kids and me. Here are my 5 tips from moving from summer blues to summer bliss:

1. Update any misbeliefs around being a working Mom – assure yourself that you and your children can experience your summers just as you imagine!

2. Allow yourself to imagine your IDEAL summer experiences – set aside 30 minutes and write down all the difference experiences you’d like to have during the summer for both you and your children. Think about your senses. How do you want to feel, what do you want to see, taste, and touch? Get a big piece of paper and write out those experiences. Remember, experiences don’t have to require money. It can be spending an evening with your family taking a walk once a week.

3. Gather all your facts – if children are old enough to have opinions – ask them what they’re most looking forward to experiencing this upcoming summer. Ask your partner. Gather info on trips you want to take and summer camps you want your children to experience. Any and all information around experiences you desire.

4. Get tactical – Do you have a budget for your summer holiday. If so, review it.

5. Make decisions & move on – As you start to make decisions, cross reference each opportunity (experience) with your ideal scene of how you want to the experience summer. If an experience feels like a fit, then go for it. If you feel resistance, set it aside. Don’t fight it.

6. Engage a village – as a working Mom, take pride in setting up a village that can support you in making your life easier during the summer – carpools, play dates, etc.

There you have six, important tips to help you ease into the summer season with grace, ease, and organization, so you can experience just the way you want it. This exercise wholeheartedly supports you in in making self-honoring choices and leveraging a village, two very important themes that make up the Conscious Working Mama Wheel.

Don’t forget to revisit your self assessment, so you can check in with yourself around your own level of consciousness and look for areas of opportunity.

Much Love,

Sarah xx

Are You Focused on YOU having fun, Or Your Kids? Be Honest…

DSC07295 copyI hear from so many working Moms that their daily routines can feel mundane and lack fun. For me, I use to try and DO more to create ‘fun’ for my kids. Only, the more I did, the less FUN I felt. My funneth, runneth empty.

Until recently, I was experiencing Groundhog Day at the breakfast table. We were going through the motions, and it just lacked fun. It lacked light-heartedness. I experimented with something to switch it up; make the routine feel fresh while hitting all of the marks we needed to hit each morning to get everyone out of the door on time.

Here’s a strategy, my modern, working moms who aspire to raise your consciousness and experience more fun during routine moments that can otherwise feel mundane.

1. Take a deep breathe; the kind that allows you to exhale out loud. Let your body completely relax (this should take 3 seconds max!)
2. What is it you NEED in order to experience fun, laughter, lightness, and silliness? This is a state of being, not something that should require you to DO more.
3. Welcome whatever comes forward. For me, the the first thing that came to mind was ‘dance party.’

I went with it! I put on music for my boys and, while they sat at the breakfast table, I danced. And, danced. And, danced. I did this as I made lunches and wiped up the seemingly never-ending spills. They sat with their jaws open, all the while, giggling in unison. They had no idea that their Mama had grown up dancing tap, ballet, and jazz. I could (can!) drop into numerous routines at any given moment.

All of the sudden, our morning breakfast routine, was full of energy, light, and FUN. An internal shift happened inside of me. I was open to receiving more fun in my life and, as a result, so were my boys. They enjoyed an otherwise routine breakfast morning in a new way; a fresh and fun way. I could have kept dancing all morning and, in a way, I did. So did they.

I was reminded that it’s necessary for us working women to infuse joy in our lives, and that it’s really a state of being, not a state of doing more. We don’t need to work harder to create ‘lightness’ in our lives. I was able tap into my intuition (ha! see what I did there?). By being open to receiving what need came through and embracing it, my boys and I had a lot more fun during what had become groundhogs day breakfast routine.

With loads of laughter,


When’s the last time you felt butterflies?

Can you remember? Were they flapping their wings right in the core of your gut?
Were you scared? Excited? Nervous?

A few days ago, I had the brilliant opportunity to share my story and tangible tools with a large group of savvy, professional, “make it happen” women. Sound like you?

My talk was on the theme, “Where did ME go?” and addressed the working women and working mom challenges that we all face. Even though I love public speaking and have given countless presentations to studio execs, CMOs, creative visionaries and working moms, there was something about this particular event that sparked butterflies in my stomach.

They came and went throughout the day and I wondered why I was feeling them. I was confident in the content of my talk. I was super excited about the women who were attending and I was incredibly thankful for the opportunity that had shown up gracefully and effortlessly.

While on my run that morning, the light bulb went off. The butterflies weren’t fear—they represented excitement. Joy. Fun. Expansion. It’s almost as if their wings were beating faster then normal because of the positive charge. I was reminded that I felt that way because I’m living on purpose. I’m doing what I call my “God’s work” and I LOVE IT. Every experience and job I had that led me to this part of my life has contributed to the unfolding of where I am now. I welcome the butterflies. Anytime. It means I’m growing in ways I never knew were possible.

Are you wanting to experience the good kind of butterflies? I have a question to help get you going if you’re feeling stuck.

“What is your soul seeking right now at this very moment?”

Sit with that and see what comes up. You will be surprised at what you start to hear. Now is your time to listen and act on your intuition, so you can experience as much fulfillment, purpose and harmony as you desire (and can receive).

Ready to go for it? Let’s talk.

Much Love,

Sarah xx

How’s Your Capacity to Receive?

photo (5) Recently, I’ve had a surplus of good friends move – most of them back abroad or to NYC. This week, a very dear friend is moving to Connecticut, and I have to share something so amazing that she did that helped increase my capacity to receive.

My friend, Sarah Snow, set the intention to connect all of her favorite women with one another prior to leaving, knowing that because we were special to her, that we’d find common threads with each other and additional friendships would be born.

To initiate this, she hosted an evening for all of us to share our favorite things. We were instructed to select a favorite thing of ours and bring five of them, wrapped and ready to shre why that item was meaningful in our lives.

We each wrote our name on five pieces of paper and dropped them into a bowl. The person presenting their favorite thing would draw five names to receive that specific gift. I left with beautiful a gratitude journal, an incredible pasta sauce, luxurious hand cream, and heavenly organic tea.

This thoughtful gathering wasn’t about giving; it was about receiving. While I was initially caught up with the giving process –did I get the right thing? Will others like it? — I realized that it was more about learning to receive the other women’s gifts and personal anecdotes. Being able to take it in, see what they saw, and connect with them through an appreciation of their gift. While the gifts were lovely, I experienced meaningful conversations, authentic connections, and the birth of friendships.

How do you receive joy in your life? Are you available or is there something standing in the way?

I want to hear from you. Post your comments below. I promise, if you’re thinking it, one of our amazing, Conscious women is also feeling it. Connect with your tribe here!  For me, being a Conscious Working Mama is lifestyle. A way a life. Join me.

Enjoy life,

Sarah xx

My Big 3 Ahas About Self-Love

Hi Conscious Working Mamas,

Do you ever feel you’re doing it all (been there)? Or, maybe you hear yourself saying, “When is it going to be my turn?” (been there too)! Or, maybe you catch yourself in comparison mode to others, and you’re left with a feeling despair (the worst!). This got me thinking last week as I gave a talk to room full of ambition women about reframing self-love.

For me, I use to think of self-love as simple acts of doing things for myself that made me feel good in the moment (insert: shopping, manicure, dinner out). However, the happiness would fade, and I would still felt disconnected. Through my own personal and professional ups and downs, I’ve discovered three tools that, when practiced, provide the confidence to share the real me with the world. I think we all yearn for a sense of freedom and, by practicing self-love from the soul, I experience it daily.


Here are my three “aha moments”:

  1. As women, we require a conscious circle around us. Protect it with strong boundaries.

Think of a conscious circle as your personal space and visualize a velvet, gold cord, protecting the most exquisite art collection at a museum. It’s there to protect the art. Similarly, imagine the circle extending out from our bellies where all of our emotions are stored, particularly our intuition. The more you protect it, the more you’re able to remain connected to who you are and make decisions that honor yourself.

In order to support this conscious circle, we must set clear boundaries. You might be thinking, “Ah, I know how to set boundaries”, but do you? Because if you’re finding yourself in victim mode, fear of losing control or falling into people-pleasing, there is a big opportunity for you to strengthen your boundaries. I’ve noticed with myself and through hundreds of conversations with women, that we struggle to set boundaries. We feel guilty, selfish and, yet when we do set boundaries, it allows us to show up as our best selves. It allows us to nurture our souls, to feel connected to who really are, and to be able to give to others from a much more loving place. I’m inviting you to think of where in your life you could set a healthy boundary to support experiencing what it is you want more of in your life.

  1. Recognizing that we have a choice in how we respond to our emotions!

We always hear how powerful our mind is, but isn’t it amazing how easily we forget? What I’ve discovered is that I always have a choice in how I talk to myself and how I think, feel and respond to others. Maybe you can relate, but when you judge yourself for not being enough, or you get into comparison mode, or judge someone else as wrong, there is not any space in your heart to love. What I’ve discovered is that compassion and judgement cannot coexist; they’re like oil and water. So, if the goal is to increase self-love, the judgments have to go. Yes, easier said than done. I’m inviting you to pick the biggest judgment you might be carrying around and practice letting it go. It’s not serving you, and it’s time to update it with something that does.

  1. Last “aha moment” is honor your voice and speak up!

Speaking up requires vulnerability. However when we do it, it strengthens our connection with ourselves. In my experience, this has allowed me to  love more deeply, live more purposefully and intently because of that connection.  For quite some time, I ignored the whisper inside and didn’t speak up when it came to my professional purpose in life. Until finally, I listened to the whisper and spoke up. What I’ve discovered is that we women desire connection to ourselves and to others, yet we fear speaking up because we mistakenly think that doing so will push away those who are close to us. Yet, speaking up and being vulnerable are the very things that will bring us closer. It’s a way for us to show up as our true selves and encourage others to do the same with us. I’m inviting you to think about a desire you want and ask for it. Speak up. This will give you a new found courage and freedom that you haven’t felt before.

un7specified (1)
The benefits of self-love extend beyond the self. When we nurture our own souls, we vibrate at a higher level. We feel better about who we are, and we contribute to the collective conscious in a much more meaningful and positive way. I’m inviting you to get on the self-love train now. It feels uh-mazing.

Much Love,
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The Ted Talk that had me in tears and saying YES to more Play…

For all my ambitious working Moms out there who are doing a mile-a-minute with both feet on the gas pedal, please hit pause and watch this Ted talk today ‘My Year of Saying Yes to Everything,’ by Shonda Rhimes.

I’m proud to say I’ve watched this upteenth times because the message is just that good. For those of you who don’t know, Shonda Rhimes spent last year doing a social experiment saying YES to everything, allowing her to push boundaries and fears.

What was most valuable to her is what resonated the most with me. The idea that ‘Work doesn’t work without play.’

When I reflect on my own professional experiences, I can absolutely draw a correlation between the years that I spent head down, chasing, running, scrambling to close the next deal, only to feel disconnected, exhausted, lost and unfulfilled on the inside. The joy had been sucked out my professional life and was seeping into other areas of my life. My a-ha moment came when I had three very active, enthusiastic boys, five years old and under, staring me down every night and begging me to play?

It hit me. The message became clear.

Shonda Rhimes is spot on when she says, “It’s not really about playing with the kids. It’s about finding your joy. Give yourself 15 minutes a day and figure it out. Play in that arena.”

I like to think of our children as spiritual guides, sent here to remind us how to connect to ourself, so we can live our lives Consciously. Awake. Engaged. At the highest version of ourselves. My little boys had done just that.

Here are three things I do to weave JOY and PLAY into my life daily.

  1. I go for a 15 minute walk, and I always find one or more of my children want to join.
  2. I have playlists lock and loaded on my phone and put them on at least once a day – dance parties (solo or w/ children)
  3. I sit on the ground. I find play happens on the ground. Either wrestling, make-believe, conversation….it all happens on the ground.

Lastly, here’s a book I reference regularly with clients called Play, by Stuart Brown.

I couldn’t agree more with Shonda Rhimes, the more I give myself permission to play, the more I feel like myself, which is the ultimate goal, isn’t it? To live and experience the truth of who we’re here to become with grace and ease.

All Love,

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Are you trying to do it all? Remember…it takes a village…


How many times have you caught yourself saying in the heat of the moment, “it takes a village to raise my child(ren),” followed by an apology or some sort of explanation about how you can’t do it all? First things first Mamas: there is no explanation or apology needed. We are conscious women, choosing to experience the best version of ourselves and, in order to do that, we sometimes to choose to gift our children to other people, because we simply can’t DO it all.

The purpose of a village has existed for centuries, and the essence is the same regardless of what country you’re in. In my experience, the meaning of it was the same in London as it’s been in LA. It’s your community, your people, your tribe, and together you have the choice to lean into it, dock with it, bounce off it, huddle within, draft off it, and most importantly receive support from it.

I was thinking about my own Village this week because I rely heavily on it. I had a moment of how would I be and  who I am without my village. Do you have a village? Do you use it? I mean really give yourself permission to use it?

As a working Mom of 3 boys with limited family around, there is absolutely no way I could do what I do, be who I want to be without the amazing support of my neighbors, friends, stay-at-home Moms, our nanny, and my husband. There have been a few times when I just can’t get to school pick up on time, and I’ve sent that text five minutes prior to pick up, “Can you pls grab Levi and let him know I’m on my way….”

Can you relate? Guess what…there is nothing wrong with us! We are human beings, doing the best we can do. Our plates are full.

I’ve realized my village extends beyond my quaint neighborhood in LA. There are my Mom friends abroad who I call upon late at night for parenting advice, or the ones I message across town at random hours in the day, and they always take two seconds to respond. All around me I’ve created a community that supports me. I have a sense of a team behind me, helping me, and creating space for me at times so that I can stop. I still operate the mission control tower at peak times of the day, though, I take great peace in knowing I don’t have to do it all.

Here’s a little a secret I’ve also discovered. I not only feel amazing when I allow myself to receive support but also when I also show up for others. There’s a sense of trust, camaraderie, and sisterhood. It’s just one more way of opening myself up to receive a sprinkling of joy throughout my day.

Here are four ways in which you can quickly strengthen your village and start using it. How freeing does that sound?

  1. First things first. Give yourself permission to ask for help. Let go of any self-criticism you have around not being able to do it all.
  2. Be intentional and look for people you energetically jive with. Nurture those relationships, same way you water a garden. (Note, the kids of everyone in your  “village” don’t have to be best friends). You put into it what you get out of it.
  3. Pay it forward. Simple acts of kindness are always returned in spades. Spiritual Law of the Universe.
  4. Keep your village organized in your phone so you can readily call upon them. Make sure you have all their details, first name, last name, correct email, and mobile phone.

Keep your village organized in your phone so you can readily call upon them. Make sure you have all their details, first name, last name, correct email, and mobile phone.

The ambitious part of you who is eager to enjoy more of the world and step into who it is you’re here to become will appreciate the part of you who is relinquishing control of the idea that you have to do it all.

In fact, we will be talking about the theme of amplifying your village during the entire month of October in the CWM Circle group. If you want more tools, the chance to receive one-on-one coaching, and an easy way to grow your village with very like-minded working Mamas, join the Circle now!

This is your chance to walk your talk and not just say, ‘It takes a village,’ but to actually leverage your village and feel what it’s like to truly be supported. No more being a martyr and saying, “I do it all….” Time to let that go. It’s not serving you. Time to receive some help.

Doesn’t that sound lovely?

Much Love,


What My 6 Year Old Spiritual Teacher Taught Me About Trust…

DSC_5534My three boys and I were on the Washington coast last week with my parents and experienced lazy summer days riding scooters, swimming, and combing the beach for treasures. As I often do, I shared my daily intention with my six year old son, Levi, as I think it sets a good practice. For this particular day I said, “My intention is to find a beautiful sand dollar that I can take back to LA.” Levi didn’t know what a sand dollar was, so he asked a few questions. We had lovely conversation about what they are and their purpose.

Fast forward a few hours to our morning beach walk. When we were leaving Levi came running up to me, and we had the following conversation:

Levi: “Mama, I make dreams happen!”

Me: “ What do you mean?”

Levi: “I found you a sand dollar!”

My heart was full. I was so appreciative of this one little sand dollar that he found. I didn’t think anything of it. It seemed so simple and possible. Fast forward about 30 minutes later. We left the beach, walked home, and settled into our cabin. The conversation continued with Levi:

Levi: “Mama, I have a surprise.”

Me: “Oh yeah, what’s that, Levi?”

Levi emptied his pockets, and out came one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine sand dollars. He said, “I have nine more for you…which makes ten! Are you so happy?”

I was SHOCKED; in disbelief. While they were absolutely beautiful, and his excitement was palpable, I didn’t believe him. I didn’t trust him. I doubted him from the minute he started emptying his pockets. My mind immediately second guessed him and assumed it couldn’t be true. How could he have found nine more? I started interviewing him. Where did you find them? Tell me exactly where? How were they in the sand? I took what was his victorious moment and turned it into an interrogation.

As he started to tell me the details, my mind started to catch up with my heart, and I realized that he was telling the truth. I could indeed trust him.

Sand dollars live in clusters. Levi had been digging and had discovered an entire cluster. To surprise me, he packed his pockets full, and carried them back.

I had an aha moment that afternoon and realized that my lack of trust in Levi jeopardized what was meant to be a spontaneous, joyous occasion. It made me think about those moments when I don’t trust myself, second guessing my decisions as a Mom, an entrepreneur, and a wife. It made me think of how those doubts do not serve me.

Food for thought: Do you enter situations trusting others with an open heart and mind or are you full of doubt? If so, what does this reflect back to you, and how do you feel about yourself?  Start by creating an awareness around it, so you can be open to receiving as much fun and joy as there is in every experience for you.

Much Love For You & Spontaneity,


What if You Effortlessly Efforted?

I’ve been meeting so many moms who express the desire to have more joy in their lives, that they wish it didn’t have to be so serious, but somewhere along the way they lost touch with their playful, joyful child self, and instead find themselves faced with their successful, serious woman self that they perhaps take pride in, but find that they don’t enjoy being very much.