I Had An Epiphany On My Date Night…

I’ve missed you. I’ve been a little MIA these past couple of weeks. I don’t want to bore you with details, but I will sum it up as: LIFE happened. Things got moving fast, and I couldn’t slow down.  Maybe you can relate. It wasn’t until I went on my date night with John last night that it hit me.


A Reflection on 2016 For A More Fulfilling 2017

2016 is coming to an end. How do you feel? Do you feel fulfilled? Have you expanded in ways that you didn’t know were possible?
One of the things I’ve become hyper-sensitive to is living in mediocrity. For me, this feels like Groundhogs Day. Or, even more so, I feel that dreaded wash-rinse-repeat feeling when I can go through the day or tasks with my eyes closed because I know it so well.


How strong is your sisterhood?

This past Saturday, I experienced millions of sisters and (and brothers) coming together in friendship, laughter, solidarity, and support. All around me, I witnessed mother/daughter combinations, friendships that looked like they dated back to before the arms march in the 60’s, as well as new friendships that signaled the beginning of something special.


Here’s how you can experience ALL of who you are

I love the start of the school year. Seeing familiar faces that we haven’t seen in a while, renewed energy amongst both the children and the parents, and a curiosity about what the year will bring. I even take comfort in the anxiety that creeps in as I watch my boys find out which teachers they received and hunting to see if their friends got in the same class.


Join Me in the Spiritual Olympics

I am huge fan of the Olympics (that part doesn’t embarrass me). As I huddle around our iMac monitor (we got rid of our TV — that’s a different a blog post!) with my oldest son, watching the Men’s 4×100 take to pool, I realized (AGAIN) in that moment that anything is possible.

I found myself filled with butterflies and nostalgia for the wholeness I experienced when I was a little girl. I yearned for the no holds barred dedication to the belief that anything was possible. With commitment and self-discipline, the sky was the limit. Above all, there was the attachment to the belief at the end of the day, no matter what happened, I did my best. I knew I was good enough.

As we continued to watch, I saw that self-assured, positive childs’ spirit in my son as he cheered on the Americans. When the Americans didn’t win, he moved on in a split second. He got behind the Brit. Or, maybe it was the French? He didn’t get caught up with why the American lost. He wasn’t blindsided with beliefs that one country was better than the other, or that one athlete was faster, smarter and an all around a better athlete. Instead, without hesitation, he knew the American had given his all — he made it to the Olympics! — and that it was okay he didn’t win. It didn’t make him less than the other athletes. Then, he proceeded to cheer for the other athletes who came in 1st and 2nd. I was amazed at how he didn’t feel such disappointment (he wasn’t attached to the expectation of the American winning like us adults) and moved into acceptance so quickly.

Our children are such beautiful reminders of what it’s like to live in a world before life experiences take over and we form limiting beliefs that can stop us from playing a bigger game. They are constant reminders that anything is possible and by not being attached to an outcome allows for miracles to happen.  

What I’m a little embarrassed about is that I got rather emotional witnessing my son’s experience of the Olympics.

It made me realize that even though I’ve committed my life to self-growth, I still operate with several limiting beliefs that have hold me back from experiencing the best version of myself. I decided to enter my own ‘Spiritual Olympics’ and got to work with pen and paper with the intention of healing whatever it was that was causing my emotional reaction.  

It’s up to us to change within, so that we can elevate our own mindset and make a meaningful impact in how we engage in the world, with others, and with ourselves.

I am sharing the exact question I asked myself in the hope that it helps you heal, expand, and grow into becoming the woman, Mom, wife, friend you want to be.

“What is the biggest limiting belief you’re buying into today, and how would your life change if you were to let it go?”

You can write it down. You can talk it out with a loved one. Just get it out. I want you to just imagine setting it free. Give yourself permission to believe anything is possible, just as you did before you starting forming beliefs when you were young.

When you’re ready, test yourself. What’s one step you can take that will move yourself forward in the direction you want to go? Make it small. Just create movement. In order to experience our deepest desires, we must compete in our own Spiritual Olympics. Remember that dedication and self-discipline you had as a child? I’m encouraging you to connect with it. Let it be the thread that brings you back to the belief that yes, anything is possible, and you can experience the life you desire. Each day continue to invest in your soul and nurture yourself. 
Infinite love for you,

Sarah x


How to get unstuck

One word: Commitment.

I use to think it was about having it all figured out. Once I had the road map, then I wouldn’t feel stuck. Then, I wouldn’t feel overwhelmed with family obligations. Then, I would feel fulfilled at work. Then, I would feel sexier and more playful. Finally, I would feel happier.

What I found was that I didn’t need a blueprint. While it certainly helped to have a vision, what got me out of feeling stuck and going for my biggest desires was my commitment. I think this quote sums it up so beautifully:

“Until one is committed, there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back, always ineffectiveness. Concerning all acts of initiative (and creation), there is one elementary truth that ignorance of which kills countless ideas and splendid plans: that the moment one definitely commits oneself, then Providence moves too. All sorts of things occur to help one that would never otherwise have occurred. A whole stream of events issues from the decision, raising in one’s favor all manner of unforeseen incidents and meetings and material assistance, which no man could have dreamed would have come his way. Whatever you can do, or dream you can do, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it. Begin it now.”

– William Hutchinson Murray

Here’s my two-step process to help me get crystal clear on my commitments:

1. What are you most committed to in your life and are they in alignment with your values and greatest vision for yourself?

Or, are they serving as distractions, keeping you comfortable and allowing you to coast on cruise control?

Sit with that question for a minute. This is one of those questions I ask myself daily. Because it gives me insight into how to make my next move whether it be building out a new program in CWM, which personal friendships to invest time into or how I choose to spend a Sunday afternoon. Once you get clear on what you’re most committed to, ask yourself the following questions.

2.  What part of me is making this decision? Is it my ego or is it from my highest self?

Our egos are quick to respond for us. Generally, this is what keeps us saying YES and wanting to please people before taking care of our own needs first. Consider yourself first when you’re evaluating where your decision is coming from. Slow down, sisters, when you ask yourself this question. There’s no need to rush.

In addition to being part of the CWM community, the common thread in the success stories of these ladies is that they committed themselves to experiencing the truth of who they are. Just feel that for a minute. That’s huge. These ladies were determined to have the full experience of who they are. This sometimes meant living on their edge and changing things up drastically, so they could experience a different outcome. It also meant taking daily steps. What we know to be true is action creates movement — even the tiniest action.

I can really relate to feeling stuck. I’ve been there. I hate that feeling. Now, you’ve got an easy tool to raise your consciousness and course-correct. With your expanded consciousness, you will experience freedom. It’s time to step up and out of the illusion that something is impossible. It’s all possible.

Oprah shared with this with us at the Super Soul Event I wrote about last week. I immediately shared it with my team, and it’s shifted how we show up inside of CWM, “Live life as if everything is rigged in your favor.”

I’m rooting for you and supporting you to step into your highest vision of yourself,

Conscious Convo: Robin Smalley: This Woman Makes Me Want to Move to Africa

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I can hardly contain my excitement when it comes to sharing the story of my new friend, Robin Smalley, with you.

Robin exemplifies what it means to be a conscious Mama, playing full out. She exuded confidence, calmness, elegance, and a sense of grace about her. She immediately struck me as someone who is as much alive on the inside as on the outside.

Through Robin’s own awakening process, she became the co-founder of mothers2mothers, an remarkable non-profit headquartered in South Africa, on a mission to end pediatric aids. Side fact, over 600 children are infected with HIV a day. This issue is very real and their work is much needed.

In this edition of Conscious Convos, you will hear from a women who had it all. A Mom of two. A wife. She had the successful job in entertainment and all the perks that come with it – only something was missing.

Robin and I had a candid conversation, and she shares with us:
How she know’s when she’s living consciously and when she’s out of alignment.
Three tools to help experience the best version of yourself while pursuing a life of purpose and motherhood.

My intention is that this ‘Conscious Convo’ will inspire you to wake up, plug in, and play full out. It’s time to start experiencing the highest version of who you’re here to become. Remember, there’s only one of you, and you have something that nobody else does.

Here’s to getting Conscious, feeling alive, and experiencing all of who you’re here to become with grace and ease,

With love,

It’s Time to Draw a Line in the Sand

Oh my goodness! I have been sooo excited to share this news with you! Last year, one of my sharpest colleagues, soul sisters, and someone I deeply admire came to me with an idea of writing a book. Before she could even finish, I was jumping up and down saying, “YES, YES, and YES.”

There were six of us who joined together, all from different backgrounds, but with one common mission: inspire women on a global scale to be their best selves, sharing our individual stories of struggle, renewal, and success.

The result after over a year of work: The Chalk Collective: Drawing The Life You Deserve, which is available digitally TODAY on Amazon HERE! The soft copy is coming soon. I promise.

I knew with every ounce of my body that the final product would be of great service to women around the world who are looking to change course in their lives and experience the fullness of who they really are.

What I underestimated was how much I would receive from recounting my own story. My intention is to inspire you to wake up in your own way and commit to experiencing ALL of who you’re here to become.

Without further ado, here’s what I learned and hope that all or parts resonate with you:

  1. In a world where social media puts a glossy shine over everything, I experienced a great sense of liberation by sharing my truth. What you see is what you get, and I loved what I saw.
  2. As long as I believed that my purpose lived outside of me, I would seek fulfillment there too rather than taking an inside-out approach. Once I switched my focus inwardly , I realized I could reach everything I desire right within me.
  3. I have a responsibility to myself to show up as the real me. If I choose to play small, I’m keeping my gifts from other people. How selfish!
  4. I’m responsible for own happiness; not my husband and, certainly not my children.
  5. I can always work on my ability to RECEIVE, as giving comes quite naturally.
  6. Staying connected to the highest vision I have for myself makes it easy to trust myself.
  7. The more I take personal responsibility for my feelings of frustration, anger,, overwhelm, disappointment, or regret, the more I heal unresolved issues inside of me. This allows me to experience more harmony with myself and with my husband.
  8. Saying goodbye to regret and guilt became easy when I recognized that every experience I had was an opportunity for my soul to learn something. This stretched and expanded me in ways I didn’t even know were possible.
  9. Believing that Universe is working with me and totally has my back (oh, yes it does)
  10. The more I strengthened my self-love — compassion, speaking up, and setting boundaries — the more connected I feel to myself and to others.

Wow, this is just the tip of the learning iceberg. I could keep going, and I want to encourage you to read the book. The other women featured are impactful and, like me, are committed to being real and experiencing the best version of who they’re here to become.

If this sparked something in you, I strongly encourage you to purchase the digital book HERE! If you feel called, I’d so strongly appreciate you sharing this INFO with your friends on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or via email. Please tag @consciousworkingmama, so I can thank you!

I’m so grateful to be on this path with each of you. Here’s to living a full life, one of meaning and experiencing successes in all areas. It’s your turn….

Much Love,

PS: If you know of anyone who is seeking change in their life, but feel stuck, this inspiring book is for them. You can purchase it HERE!

What I Love About Being a Mom

In a recent conversation that felt more like a major blow up with my oldest son, he asked me, “Do you like being a Mom?” Initially, the voice in my head had quite a sarcastic response, but my heart immediately felt a heavy sigh. “Of course I do.” It was that moment when I realized {again} that this whole thing called Motherhood is pretty mind-blowing. Full stop.


3 Signs You’re Living A Conscious Life

Do you feel purposeful in your life? Excited by the legacy that you’re going to leave? For me, there was a time, when I use to feel a sense of, “what am I going to be remembered for?” because of my lack of fulfillment. Not anymore.

Do you genuinely feel a sense of joy about who you are, what you stand for, and how you show up for yourself? I know we’re human, but generally speaking, do you feel alive and able to receive pleasure on all levels?

Do you like who you are and give yourself permission to speak up, share and express yourself with others?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then congrats! You are on your way to experiencing life consciously. However, if you experiencing a few NO’s, here are some tools for you:

1.Craving Purpose? It’s time to get clear on how you want to FEEL, before you can decide on what you want!

ACTION STEP: What does purpose feel like to you? Describe all the feelings that come up for you. Don’t limit yourself. Get crystal clear on all the feelings, qualities, and values that you require to experience in order to feel purpose. This will become your template to build upon in designing what it is you want to DO.


2. Ready for more Joy? Begin by opening up all your senses to receive more joy.

ACTION STEP:  Listen to music that fires you up, hug your partner or children 5 seconds longer than normal, go for a 5 minute walk everyday and immerse yourself in the outdoors, use spices on your food (cinnamon is a great one), flowers in your house to smell, and I highly suggest taking the time to spread lotion on your body after the shower. This allows you to connect with yourself.

3. Want to deepen your self-love and self-trust? What’s something you desire more of in your life, but are holding back and not speaking up around?

ACTION STEP: Give yourself permission to be honest first with yourself about what it is you desire. Secondly, share it with one person close to you. You will be amazed at the freedom you feel by sharing it with someone close and the increased connection you will feel with yourself.

As women living at the intersection of ambition and authenticity, we have a choice as to  whether we want to experience life consciously. These 3 steps help me experience meaning and joy, all while learning to like myself all over again after I took on the role of motherhood.

Here’s to living authentically and consciously,

SLG_sig (1)

How I Learned To Like Playdates



Hi Working Mamas,

When my oldest son started kinder, we entered the world of playdates. Oh my goodness, did I find this stressful! If my son was invited to a playdate, I felt like I needed to immediately host one in return. My son begged me to host, and I was constantly looking at my overbooked calendar to see what I had to cut to to make the play date work. This anxiety started  before the play date even began. Once the play date started, I realized I had not three boys, but usually four (sometimes I’d get lucky with a calm girl), bouncing off the walls of our intimate house and fighting over toys—not to mention little brothers feeling territorial and ignored by their oldest. And every time I would think to myself, ‘Wow, this was entirely self-induced!’ Like most of you, I would forge ahead trying to make play dates work, while secretly feeling thankful when they came to an end.

Something had to change. My son looked forward to these play dates and I wasn’t about to stop having them all together, but these kiddie sessions were giving me grey hairs! It became clear to me that I had a lot of expectations about play dates, including how frequently they should take place, how often I should host, how my children should act during them, what I should do with the kids… the list goes on and on. I reminded myself that when I attach to an expectation, I usually come up short because I’m so focused on how the “should” should look.

One of my mentors, Steve Chandler, makes a great distinction between agreements and expectations, and this distinction made me realize that I can shift my perspective, and ultimately my experience, of play dates if I make an agreement with myself.

A few definitions:

Agreement: An arrangement that is accepted by all parties.

Expectation: The act or state of looking forward or anticipating. Synonym for anticipation.

Imagine if you do away with putting pressure on yourself to “do it all” and stop expecting play dates to look and go a certain way, and instead you make an agreement with yourself along the following lines:I will do my very best planning playdates, and furthermore, I will do my very best enjoying them. I will detach from all expectations and accept that whatever is for my children’s and my highest good will emerge, allowing us to experience whatever it is we are supposed to, for the highest learning of all concerned.

Bam! I’ll be honest. I host less playdates and I’m okay with that. And when I do host, I enjoy them more because I’m more relaxed and unattached to the outcome. My children seem relaxed too. Voila. Give it a go!

Where in your life can you let go of an expectation and make an agreement either  with yourself or with someone else, instead of having expectations?

Much love,

Sarah xxx


What Would Happen If You Let Go?


Lake_669x376I want to hear from each of you working Mamas,

Where in your life are you holding on too tightly? Answer this question truthfully. Can you imagine for a minute what would happen if you surrendered and let go? How might you start to experience life differently?

Hold that thought and let the below post by Rev. Saphire inspire you:

She let go.

She let go. Without a thought or a word, she let go.
She let go of the fear.
She let go of the judgments.
She let go of the confluence of opinions swarming around her head.
She let go of the committee of indecision within her.
She let go of all the ‘right’ reasons.
Wholly and completely, without hesitation or worry, she just let go.
She didn’t ask anyone for advice.
She didn’t read a book on how to let go.
She didn’t search the scriptures.
She just let go.
She let go of all of the memories that held her back.
She let go of all of the anxiety that kept her from moving forward.
She let go of the planning and all of the calculations about how to do it just right.
She didn’t promise to let go.
She didn’t journal about it.
She didn’t write the projected date in her Day-Timer.
She made no public announcement and put no ad in the paper.
She didn’t check the weather report or read her daily horoscope.
She just let go.
She didn’t analyze whether she should let go.
She didn’t call her friends to discuss the matter.
She didn’t do a five-step Spiritual Mind Treatment.
She didn’t call the prayer line.
She didn’t utter one word.
She just let go.
No one was around when it happened.
There was no applause or congratulations.
No one thanked her or praised her.
No one noticed a thing.
Like a leaf falling from a tree, she just let go.
There was no effort.
There was no struggle.
It wasn’t good and it wasn’t bad.
It was what it was, and it is just that.
In the space of letting go, she let it all be.
A small smile came over her face.

What was the first thought that came to mind?  Where are you holding on to tightly and where do you require to let go, so that you can experience the true fullness of who you really are? Tell me, I’m eager to hear from you. Either email me at OR if you feel comfortable, you can post it in the notes section for other working Mamas to read and support you.

Much love for each of you,

Sarah xx

Working Moms…How Do You Enjoy Spring Break?

boys2Hi Working Mamas,

I’m thinking about each of you from the mountains, where I’m spending spring break with my family. My husband and I decided a while back that we really wanted to take the boys skiing for a week. This was something that I personally felt very strongly about because skiing is a passion of mine, and it’s something that our boys really enjoy learning. I love the idea of us doing a sport together as a family.

As a working Mom, you probably can relate to what a big deal this is since it means taking a week off from work, as well as factoring in all of the expenses.  Prior to leaving, I had set a very clear intention for our trip: experiencing every moment, feeling engaged and present and not being attached to an outcome. A big part of my intention was to allow myself to really ‘be’ in the mountains, not be tied to my laptop and holding coaching sessions.

I have to admit something. It hasn’t been easy. The first couple of days, I found myself not working at all. Then, all the sudden, anxiety would sneak in, and I’d start to wonder, “what am I missing? What should I be doing?” These thoughts didn’t feel good and they were an obstacle to fully participating with my family the way I wanted to and had envisioned.

Tell me, do you give yourself permission to truly take time for yourself? How do you turn off your work?  I mean really turn it off to the point where you’re not envisioning your inbox filling up.

I found myself answering this question repeatedly the other day:

“What’s the worst thing that will happen if I don’t answer emails, take client calls, or prepare for my upcoming launch?” Once I cut through the sarcasm, I realized absolutely nothing would happen. There was no need for me to dramatize the situation.

Then I answered this question:

“What will I gain from surrendering to exactly where I am and just allow myself to enjoy the down time?”

Wow, did my inner voice have something to say about that! She went on and on and on…. It became very clear that the pros outweighed the cons. Now that our trip is almost over, I’m feeling rested, inspired, and reconnected to my family. I’m so thankful for this week away and most importantly giving myself permission to truly enjoy it.

Tell me about you. Do you gift yourself holidays and, most importantly, how do you experience them?

Love from a very relaxed working Mama,


Sarah xx


Working Moms…Are You Playing Small In Your Career?

momHi my fellow ambitious, working Mamas!

Speaking of light…I wanna know…Are you letting yours shine as brightly as possible in your career? Or, are you holding back your truth. I talk to incredibly ambitious Moms all day long, and I’ve noticed a theme. Not with everyone, but a good portion of us. I want you to be honest with yourself right now. If you can’t be honest, there’s no point. Right? So, be honest:

  1. Have you ever avoided asking for a promotion because you think it would mean more work, which, in turn, would mean less time with your children?

  2. Have you ever stayed in a steady, solid salary job because you think if you go somewhere else, you’d have to start over, jeopardizing your role as a Mom?

  3. Have you ever put on hold having another baby because you think your boss won’t take you seriously if you add to your brood?

  4. Have you ever been afraid to ask for flexible hours because you might hear the word NO?!

  5. Have you been dreaming about starting your own business, but you can’t possibly figure out how you would get it all done and be a Mom?

If I’m really honest with myself, there was a time I when I answered YES to most of these questions. As a result, I would end up self-sabotaging myself. I would play small. Can you relate? Sigh. From one ambitious working Mother to another, I said goodbye to this way of living quite some time ago and it was one of the best decisions I made. If this resonates with you, I invite you to do the same.

Can you give yourself permission to listen to the quiet voice inside of you (intuition), begging to be liberated and let it speak it’s truth? Start by writing down the first thing you hear. Don’t judge it. Don’t ignore it. Imagine yourself activating whatever it is that came forward.

Answer this question.

How would you experience life more truthfully?

I coach working women all day around this very topic, so please know if you feel stuck. I’m here for you and would love to support you in taking the plunge, however that may look for you.  We have a responsibility to share our best versions with the world and, most importantly, with ourselves.

Tweet this: “Always be a 1st rate version of yourself; not a 2nd rate version of somebody else” Judy Garland    

With truth,



Remember the song, ‘This Little Light Of Mine…’ now would be a perfect time to listen to it again!


When’s the last time you felt butterflies?

Can you remember? Were they flapping their wings right in the core of your gut?
Were you scared? Excited? Nervous?

A few days ago, I had the brilliant opportunity to share my story and tangible tools with a large group of savvy, professional, “make it happen” women. Sound like you?

My talk was on the theme, “Where did ME go?” and addressed the working women and working mom challenges that we all face. Even though I love public speaking and have given countless presentations to studio execs, CMOs, creative visionaries and working moms, there was something about this particular event that sparked butterflies in my stomach.

They came and went throughout the day and I wondered why I was feeling them. I was confident in the content of my talk. I was super excited about the women who were attending and I was incredibly thankful for the opportunity that had shown up gracefully and effortlessly.

While on my run that morning, the light bulb went off. The butterflies weren’t fear—they represented excitement. Joy. Fun. Expansion. It’s almost as if their wings were beating faster then normal because of the positive charge. I was reminded that I felt that way because I’m living on purpose. I’m doing what I call my “God’s work” and I LOVE IT. Every experience and job I had that led me to this part of my life has contributed to the unfolding of where I am now. I welcome the butterflies. Anytime. It means I’m growing in ways I never knew were possible.

Are you wanting to experience the good kind of butterflies? I have a question to help get you going if you’re feeling stuck.

“What is your soul seeking right now at this very moment?”

Sit with that and see what comes up. You will be surprised at what you start to hear. Now is your time to listen and act on your intuition, so you can experience as much fulfillment, purpose and harmony as you desire (and can receive).

Ready to go for it? Let’s talk.

Much Love,

Sarah xx

What I learned from Tina Turner…

Tina Sequence.001

Working Mamas,

I stumbled upon this video from Tina Turner’s 76th birthday celebration, and oh my. It lit me up inside. She taught me something powerful. While I’m pretty sure I knew it on the mental level, I felt it throughout my whole body. Something just clicked — especially at 27 seconds when she does a little skip!

Even if you watch just the first two minutes, my hope is that you’ll experience something similar. From the moment you can see her feet, there’s…

A calmness.

An aliveness.

A panache.

She exudes such humble confidence and owns her magnificence. It’s absolutely brilliant. Imagine a world if more of us women showed up this way?

What if you walked into your next networking event, board room meeting, or even just a restaurant, that way? Okay maybe you wouldn’t strut, or maybe you would! Imagine being so accepting and enthusiastic about who you are, leaving no room to hold back?

I can remember a time when I was in grad school — six months pregnant, getting my Masters, working a full-time, corporate job all while also coaching on the side. I would get comments like, “You’re so amazing. How do you do it?” I’m telling you this not to gloat, but because I didn’t own it; I downplayed it.

Can you relate? How many times have you sat in a meeting and not really gone for it? Not shared that million dollar idea that you know could have solved everything? Or maybe you’ve taken the backseat in a conversation with your husband because you just felt that was the ‘right’ thing to do.

No more. Imagine waking up, embracing your greatness, your uniqueness and celebrating it?

Instead of collapsing, channel Tina and try this:

  1. Celebrate yourself — in your mind, energetically, and in the way in which you talk with others.
  2. Trust that there’s room for everyone to experience success  — you having a win doesn’t take away from someone else’s.

Brene Brown said it best, “Courage starts showing up and letting ourselves be seen.” CWM, it’s time to own your magnificence and be seen. If you need to strut. Own it.  Do and be whatever it is you need to in order to ignite that spark inside and own who you are… it’s time. It’s from that place we can really make an impact.

And…I promise you’ll have a lot more fun along the way.

With love and gumption,

SLG_sig (1)

Are You Dying inside?

Do you feel like you could do your job with your eyes closed?  Stuck going through the motions because each time you start to consider any other possibility that would feel more purposeful, impactful –heck FUN– you can’t imagine starting over? How would you make as much money? What would you actually do? Before you know it, you’re right back where you’ve started; only this time you might be convincing yourself, “It’s not so bad. The hours are okay. The pay is good…”

This is what I call unconscious living. And as a result, parts of us start to feel unfilled because we’re living in mediocrity.

In service to helping my CWM community, I got to the point where I felt like I was dying inside. I had hit a glass ceiling in my career and wasn’t making the impact or living on purpose in the way I had dreamt about. You might be thinking, “what dreams?!” Exactly?! My dreams had slipped away because I was choosing to live unawake, unengaged, and out of alignment. Maybe you can relate. Or maybe you’ve experienced justifying these feelings because other areas of your life you do feel completely alive and awake – your marriage or your role as a mother seem perfectly in tact.

Now what? You’re dying inside and, with a snap of a finger, another year will go by. No more “fake it until you make it” attitude.  Screen Shot 2016-01-22 at 12.40.37 PM

Here’s a secret game I use to play to help me wake up and start to get real clear on what it is I want and how it is I want to experience my life.  I always knew time was precious and I wanted to live BIG, otherwise what was the point? “Go big or stay home,” is what an old sales boss use to tell me when I was 20 something.

So, I would write out my obituary just as I wanted to read it. This might sound silly, but when you read it out loud something powerful happens. You’ll see. I don’t want to spoil it, so I’m asking you to trust me.


Take out a piece of paper.

Set timer for 15 minutes

Writing assignment: Write your obituary from the place of how you want to be remembered.

Consider these questions:

What kind of impact do you want to leave?
How do you want to be remembered?
What are the qualities people would use to describe you?

It is from this place, I’m inviting you to take stock in how you’re experiencing your day. Your life, your career, and trust what comes forward.

For me,  I couldn’t believe what I found on the other side. A sense of freedom, empowerment,  ease, impact, creativity, prosperity, and joy that I didn’t think was possible.

In support of your own awaking and experiencing the fullness of your life,


Are you trying to do it all? Remember…it takes a village…


How many times have you caught yourself saying in the heat of the moment, “it takes a village to raise my child(ren),” followed by an apology or some sort of explanation about how you can’t do it all? First things first Mamas: there is no explanation or apology needed. We are conscious women, choosing to experience the best version of ourselves and, in order to do that, we sometimes to choose to gift our children to other people, because we simply can’t DO it all.

The purpose of a village has existed for centuries, and the essence is the same regardless of what country you’re in. In my experience, the meaning of it was the same in London as it’s been in LA. It’s your community, your people, your tribe, and together you have the choice to lean into it, dock with it, bounce off it, huddle within, draft off it, and most importantly receive support from it.

I was thinking about my own Village this week because I rely heavily on it. I had a moment of how would I be and  who I am without my village. Do you have a village? Do you use it? I mean really give yourself permission to use it?

As a working Mom of 3 boys with limited family around, there is absolutely no way I could do what I do, be who I want to be without the amazing support of my neighbors, friends, stay-at-home Moms, our nanny, and my husband. There have been a few times when I just can’t get to school pick up on time, and I’ve sent that text five minutes prior to pick up, “Can you pls grab Levi and let him know I’m on my way….”

Can you relate? Guess what…there is nothing wrong with us! We are human beings, doing the best we can do. Our plates are full.

I’ve realized my village extends beyond my quaint neighborhood in LA. There are my Mom friends abroad who I call upon late at night for parenting advice, or the ones I message across town at random hours in the day, and they always take two seconds to respond. All around me I’ve created a community that supports me. I have a sense of a team behind me, helping me, and creating space for me at times so that I can stop. I still operate the mission control tower at peak times of the day, though, I take great peace in knowing I don’t have to do it all.

Here’s a little a secret I’ve also discovered. I not only feel amazing when I allow myself to receive support but also when I also show up for others. There’s a sense of trust, camaraderie, and sisterhood. It’s just one more way of opening myself up to receive a sprinkling of joy throughout my day.

Here are four ways in which you can quickly strengthen your village and start using it. How freeing does that sound?

  1. First things first. Give yourself permission to ask for help. Let go of any self-criticism you have around not being able to do it all.
  2. Be intentional and look for people you energetically jive with. Nurture those relationships, same way you water a garden. (Note, the kids of everyone in your  “village” don’t have to be best friends). You put into it what you get out of it.
  3. Pay it forward. Simple acts of kindness are always returned in spades. Spiritual Law of the Universe.
  4. Keep your village organized in your phone so you can readily call upon them. Make sure you have all their details, first name, last name, correct email, and mobile phone.

Keep your village organized in your phone so you can readily call upon them. Make sure you have all their details, first name, last name, correct email, and mobile phone.

The ambitious part of you who is eager to enjoy more of the world and step into who it is you’re here to become will appreciate the part of you who is relinquishing control of the idea that you have to do it all.

In fact, we will be talking about the theme of amplifying your village during the entire month of October in the CWM Circle group. If you want more tools, the chance to receive one-on-one coaching, and an easy way to grow your village with very like-minded working Mamas, join the Circle now!

This is your chance to walk your talk and not just say, ‘It takes a village,’ but to actually leverage your village and feel what it’s like to truly be supported. No more being a martyr and saying, “I do it all….” Time to let that go. It’s not serving you. Time to receive some help.

Doesn’t that sound lovely?

Much Love,


What My 6 Year Old Spiritual Teacher Taught Me About Trust…

DSC_5534My three boys and I were on the Washington coast last week with my parents and experienced lazy summer days riding scooters, swimming, and combing the beach for treasures. As I often do, I shared my daily intention with my six year old son, Levi, as I think it sets a good practice. For this particular day I said, “My intention is to find a beautiful sand dollar that I can take back to LA.” Levi didn’t know what a sand dollar was, so he asked a few questions. We had lovely conversation about what they are and their purpose.

Fast forward a few hours to our morning beach walk. When we were leaving Levi came running up to me, and we had the following conversation:

Levi: “Mama, I make dreams happen!”

Me: “ What do you mean?”

Levi: “I found you a sand dollar!”

My heart was full. I was so appreciative of this one little sand dollar that he found. I didn’t think anything of it. It seemed so simple and possible. Fast forward about 30 minutes later. We left the beach, walked home, and settled into our cabin. The conversation continued with Levi:

Levi: “Mama, I have a surprise.”

Me: “Oh yeah, what’s that, Levi?”

Levi emptied his pockets, and out came one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine sand dollars. He said, “I have nine more for you…which makes ten! Are you so happy?”

I was SHOCKED; in disbelief. While they were absolutely beautiful, and his excitement was palpable, I didn’t believe him. I didn’t trust him. I doubted him from the minute he started emptying his pockets. My mind immediately second guessed him and assumed it couldn’t be true. How could he have found nine more? I started interviewing him. Where did you find them? Tell me exactly where? How were they in the sand? I took what was his victorious moment and turned it into an interrogation.

As he started to tell me the details, my mind started to catch up with my heart, and I realized that he was telling the truth. I could indeed trust him.

Sand dollars live in clusters. Levi had been digging and had discovered an entire cluster. To surprise me, he packed his pockets full, and carried them back.

I had an aha moment that afternoon and realized that my lack of trust in Levi jeopardized what was meant to be a spontaneous, joyous occasion. It made me think about those moments when I don’t trust myself, second guessing my decisions as a Mom, an entrepreneur, and a wife. It made me think of how those doubts do not serve me.

Food for thought: Do you enter situations trusting others with an open heart and mind or are you full of doubt? If so, what does this reflect back to you, and how do you feel about yourself?  Start by creating an awareness around it, so you can be open to receiving as much fun and joy as there is in every experience for you.

Much Love For You & Spontaneity,


Wait! What Does It Mean To Be ‘Conscious Working Mama?’


When I was 7 months pregnant with my 3rd son, I decided I wanted more out of my life. I was feeling very stagnant. On a bit of a whim, I applied and was accepted to the University of Santa Monica. Two years later, I’m on the tail-end of receiving my Masters degree in Spiritual Psychology. The reason I’m telling you this is because, up until two years ago, I had no idea what it meant to live a ‘conscious’ life, let alone a ‘Conscious Working Mama’ life. I was 98% focused on satisfying my ego, until finally, I arrived at a place where I realized that that is an unattainable goal. Regardless of how idealistic my life might have seemed, I felt that something was always missing, and my light was dim. I was ready for a change, and I knew it had to happen inwardly, no more chasing outwardly experiences to drive happiness and fulfillment.

Fast forward two years and, for the first time, I feel awake — I feel conscious. I’m evolving on every level: spiritually, mentally, physically, and emotionally. Interestingly enough, my day-to-day routine hasn’t changed much, but, when I reflect inwardly, there are 3 practices that I now incorporate everyday that support and honor me as a Conscious Working Mama. They include:

  1. Acknowledging and embracing that, as long as I’m alive, school is in session, and life truly is about learning.
  2. If something is upsetting me, it has nothing to do with anyone else. Since I’m the only person who has dominion over how I choose to react, it’s up to me to explore the judgment that sits beneath my initial upset.
  3. Assuming that every person I come in contact with is a loving, compassionate soul. This has completely changed my reactions to potentially upsetting situations.

Being a Conscious Working Mama has no end. It is the longest days, shortest years; its an ongoing exploration. I invite you to wake up your consciousness’ and examine all areas of your life with this question in mind, ‘Where can I make small changes to experience more joy and meaning in my life, regardless of how many hours I work and how many children I’m raising?’ Keep checking back with CWM for easy tools and processes to help get you started.

Happy Exploring,