If you’re waiting for the right time, you’re doing it wrong

Today’s leadership kick: Start creating and stop waiting

Let’s get into it.

I hear a lot, now’s just not the right time because…
I don’t have enough money
My partner isn’t on board
I don’t want to leave my boss hanging
The market is cooling off
I don’t have enough experience
I need more clarity
I need more stability

You get the point. It makes sense because we humans operate in a world that we know and are super cozy in, AND, change doesn’t happen inside of what we already know. And it certainly doesn’t happen automatically.

To be clear, I’m not saying be reckless and irresponsible.

What I am saying is notice if you’re craving a new possibility how you are more than likely “waiting” until everything lines up to make the move.

The way I built a business that inspires me everyday, produces 6-figure months, and allows me to take over 7 weeks of holiday each year is that I created it.

I didn’t wait.

I kept creating over and over and over, one small step at a time.

Sure I’ve hit speed bumps, I’d be lying if I didn’t. That just means I chose to course correct and get back on the path towards my desires.

If you’re wanting something else, something new, or “less” of something, notice, who you’re being.



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