Great leadership requires human BEINGS not human DOINGS

Good Morning !

How are you?!

I’m been thinking a lot about our DOING.

We rush. We to-do list. We act in service to our spouse, our kids, our work. We work too much, we’re driven by external approval, we’re distracted with others, we pack our day with a million things, we choose productivity over connection, and we feel exhausted, anxious, impatient and overwhelmed regularly. We DO a lot.

We live in a world that reinforces this behavior and it can be easy to buy into the story “I don’t have a choice.”

But you do.

In fact, that’s all you have throughout the day is
after choice
after choice.
If you want a different experience << perhaps one that feels like being committed to the experience over the end result, living from your values, staying connected to yourself & others, creating space throughout your day, and maybe feeling ALIVE >> then stop and ask yourself…

“What am I committed to? Right now. In this moment.” Is it Human DOING or is it Human BEING?

That pause is important. That check-in is vital. And notice if you’re getting caught up in the doing and if you can intentionally re-centre yourself and focus on being. This is where choice comes in. Your day is made up of thousands of decisions, choose to be in leadership. Instead of being affected by your circumstances, choose the way you want to show up, in that moment. Choose to BE and not do.

If you want different results, show up differently.



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