Are you future tripping or future planning?

I was working with one of my clients last week and she started sharing about her future.

Instead of experiencing curiosity, possibility and all the good feels that come from that exercise, she was knee deep in anxiousness.


Because she was trying to get it right.

Which lead to over-thinking, feeling anxious, overwhelmed, like she’s not enough….I’m pretty sure she would’ve kept on spinning had I not called a timeout.

Sound familiar? I know I’ve been there.

I notice a lot of people get caught up with future tripping which is what my client was doing, which resulted in her going no-where, fast.

Once I reflected this back, she chose to lead in a much more powerful way.

When you choose to stand in possibility, you curiously create clarity for what’s next.

I could see her anxiousness turn to excitement as she got clear on her next move. I noticed that she didn’t need to hold on so tight, and that by being unattached to the outcome of the goal she’d created for her career, she had a whole new pep in her step.

What a difference leadership can make.

So in your leadership this week — can you spot when you’re future tripping and choose future planning?


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