What gets in your way of being engaged?

I can’t tell you how many times I hear:

I want to be more engaged with my children, with my partner, with (fill in the blank). I wish my team was more engaged, more curious, less resigned.

BUT… (the #1 excuse I hear)

I’m being pulled a million directions, and don’t have enough time.

Look, I get it. We wear busy like a badge of honor and it’s more comfortable to busy-along, to comply, instead of rocking the boat or taking on more responsibility.

So, what’s the upside of being engaged? The top two results I notice when I’m engaged are connection and aliveness. (1) I feel MORE connected to the person when I’m curious and speaking up and therefore more alive. (2) When I’m the recipient of someone being engaged with me, I feel completely seen and understood.

In both cases, it can feel wildly uncomfortable, because you’re choosing to lead. To speak up. To be curious. To be real. That might mean at times you might rock the boat or end up with more responsibility. Welcome to your humanity.

Q – So this week’s leadership question becomes — are you committed to experiencing engagement OR comfort? Deliberately choose one.

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