Stop hoping & get intentional

Who can relate to having a desire or a dream and feeling so optimistic about it that you find yourself anticipating what it will be like when it comes to fruition? 

I know that feeling so well. I also know that hoping doesn’t equate to action.

When someone gets intentional, they experience an energy inside of them that fosters movement, creativity, and cooperation with the Universe, Spirit, or God (whatever you believe). It involves a commitment and leads from a place of infinite abundance, creating expansiveness and taking one that much closer to their end goal. 

Nine years ago, I made the conscious choice to get my Masters in Psychology while I was pregnant with my youngest, managing an ad sales team, and agreeing with my husband to leave his corporate job to start his first company. We had 3 boys under 3. It was intense. A lot happened in-between. A lot.

Fast forward, I’ve surpassed what I ever made in corporate roles, feel a genuine sense of fulfillment and service in what I do for a living, have a team that supports me, and am the boss of my own schedule. I spend the afternoons with my boys doing homework, watching kids’ sports practices, and enjoy regular family dinners.  

I had a clear vision. 

Then I got intentional. 

I kid you not, I answered an ad in Nextdoor that was for a Creative Director looking for coaching. We met for coffee. I was intentional about being of service.

She hired me.  

We worked very closely together, which resulted in her looking within and getting really clear about what she wanted even if it appeared impossible at the time. This client is now the Executive Creative Director at the biggest tech company in the world while also enjoying being a Mother. 

From this client, I’ve received incredible referrals that have laid the foundation for my business. I’m beyond grateful. 

When you get intentional, the Universe will meet you at the point of action, and that’s when the feeling of serenity and being in-the-flow happen. 

It’s all possible for you too.  

So in your leadership today — where can you shift from being hopeful to intentional, so that you can make your biggest desire come true in 2021?

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