Experience V Result – Where Are You Leading From?

I once coached a highly driven executive who hired me because he wanted to:

  • Increase his fulfilment as a Creative Director by working ONLY with socially conscious brands
  • Increase his revenue by 20%
  • Increase his connection + intimacy with his wife

He was committed. He was about learning and growing and wasn’t afraid to do the work. He created his first breakthrough around speaking up. He went from being someone who would withdrawal when the flame got turned up, to someone vulnerable enough to say the things he was never willing to say in service to growth. And so:

✔️ The impact on his marriage was almost immediate. He was worried that speaking his truth would drive them apart, yet it actually brought them much closer. She felt seen and understood. Hubba hubba.

✔️ He learned how to say no to brands that didn’t align with his values.

✔️ He grew his revenue by 8%. 


❌  He was so fixated on growing his revenue, in his mind he didn’t succeed.

He couldn’t see all the other wins he created.  He intellectually said he was committed to the journey, but that wasn’t how he evaluated his success. 

So I ask you to consider — in your leadership today, are you valuing the journey?

If you committed to the experience versus the end result, what would you need to let go of?