Month: December 2020

Celebrate your WINS for the year…


What a year. I mean, seriously. You couldn’t write this year if you tried. As we begin to put an explanation AND question mark at the end of 2020, I notice all around me in the media, on social, and even conversation with friends, the majority of the discussion focuses on how awful, painful, and overwhelming 2020 was. While I too feel a massive sense of heartache around the 300,000+ lives uncesserasily lost from COVID, the skyrocketing unemployment rates, the disconnect that so many of us feel as months pass since we’ve seen loved ones, I do believe that there is always gold in every experience; even the most horrific ones.It is up to us to slow down, harvest the wins, and my goodness celebrate them!! Even better, celebrate the small wins along the way!
Why celebrate?

By taking time to celebrate, you’re gifting yourself the opportunity to receive, which leads to JOY; sustaining joy. So often we have a win and are so quick to move the goal post. Before we know it, we’re focused on the end result and have missed acknowledging the process. We all know it’s about the journey and not the destination. 2021 is no different. While 2020 was absolutely full of complete heartache, for me there were three clear wins to celebrate:The act of reaching out and asking for help is a sign of love. It’s a gift to be able to give to as well as receive from others, even though receiving can be so dang hard!I crave simplicity and feel more alive than ever in the slowing down and simplifying lifeI knew that patience was one of the biggest lessons I’ve had to learn (hello 3 boys!), but the lesson I’ve been faced with this year is the act of establishing connection. While connection is my top value, I also really got that connection requires effort. Intention. Humility. Forgiveness. Courage.  Perseverance. And, a whole lot of curiosity and understanding. From connection, anything is possible. I celebrate. How, you ask? Taking time to share with you. Thank you for letting me do so!My invitation to you is to claim your wins. Speak them out loud. Share them with someone you love. Gift that loved one the opportunity to celebrate YOU while you anchor yourself in your insights.It’s from there that you will enter 2021 enlightened and able to leave behind what no longer serves you, ready to take on the new year. The new beginning. 

Tell me, what are you celebrating as you close out 2020? I’d love to hear.

Love & possibility,

I’m calling a Time-Out

As my boys say in our house, TO (time-out in case you’re wondering).

I’m calling Time-Out. I want to get a pulse check. We’re 9 months into this Pandemic, the holidays are here and many of us have had COVID, haven’t seen loved ones in months and are feeling the impact in our businesses. It’s a LOT. 

At the same time, It’s the Holidays and our sneaky expectations creep back up, because we want it to BE a certain way, and it’s not. I’m feeling waves of grief, disappointment and yet excitement too, because I love the magic that happens during this month. I’m going to throw in tired too!  Can you relate?

Where do we go from here? Can’t someone just tell us what to do? 

For all of your driven peeps who are go go go all of the time and wanting MORE impact, more connection, MORE money (fill in the blank), there is NOTHING you NEED to do right now. 

Remember, living your legacy is all about who you BE in the moment. If you’re wanting to get complete on a project by EOY, get clear on your desires for 2021, feel more rested, close out the biz year with a bang, we need you *in* leadership. 

We miss out on hearing our intuition’s whisper and JOY when we’re busy hustling, chasing and grinding it out. 

it’s time to slow your roll and nurture that giant heart and mind of yours as we glide into 2021.  To help you do just that,  we’ve put together just a few resources in all shapes and sizes to help you check yourself but also set yourself up for 2021.


  1. SG&CO End of Year process “Reflection 2020 + Creation 2021”– This is the 1st time I’ve extended this beyond my paid clients, but I get such positive feedback on it, that I’m extending it to you. It’s a process I’ve evolved over the years to ground you in your biggest learnings for the year and set you up for what you want to create in 2021, all in support of you living your legacy every day. If you’d like to receive it, please personally email
  2. SG&Co curated Spotify Playlist – Music is my everything and so the team has pulled together our favorite beats in all one playlist to serve as a backdrop to your Dec. Listening to just 60 seconds of music can switch your vibe in a matter of moments. Catch the playlist HERE. (SG finish creating)
  1. FOR OUR MOTHERS – Get Totum Women’s Totum Talks Annual Pass – a full years access to their monthly webinar series featuring expert speakers that focus on topics that matter most to modern mothers in body, mind, ambition and relationships. The pass works out to being more than a 40% discount on the price of a monthly ticket, plus a limited edition notebook, and it’s an incredible way to stay connected to other mothers that know exactly what you’re going through. From creating a more positive relationships with your body image, to learning leadership in money management (January’s topic), you’ll gain helpful tools and tips for the things you need most.   SGCoFriends and provides 10% off the Annual Pass.
  1. FOR OUR DADS – I notice Dads in particular are use to muscling their way through things only to feel isolated. My team came across this thoughtful community for Dads by a Dad that will remind you that you don’t have go at it alone and that there is space for humor, connection and even support. Check out @thedad community on IG. 
  2. FOR YOUR SOUL – NPR has done it again. Check out the most fabulous combination of curated books + organization + recommendations. You can search by categories like, “staff picks,’ “rather short” and Art Lovers. Easy to browse and customize. Check it out HERE.