Embracing an ‘Off Year’

Who else is full of mixed emotions heading into the holidays? You’re not alone, as I know many of us haven’t seen family members since 2019. 

My husband hasn’t seen his Dad in Houston in over a year, as we had to cancel our Spring Break trip to see him. I get it. This particular season can look very different to some of you. 

This will be the first Christmas Day we don’t have my parents in I don’t know how many years. Even when we lived in London, they celebrated the holiday with us. 

As much as I LOVE traditions (as do my children) and spending holidays with family, as we head into Thanksgiving in the States, I realized something. Ever since John and I have been married, we’ve never celebrated Thanksgiving the same way twice! 

We’ve hosted friends at home, we’ve visited loved ones in Chicago, and one year when our boys were little, we divided up the fam, and my oldest and I spent the week in London. This year, we’re spending it in the mountains creating new traditions. We’ve celebrated just the 5 of us at times. 

Here’s the thing, all of this variation feels really natural and good to me because of a simple decision I made a while back because I was so over my habit of comparing. 

I decided to love and appreciate what I have and, my goodness, it has brought me so much more happiness and connection in the moment. 

The decision to BE thankful for what you have now can absolutely co-exist with your desires, giving you so much more pleasure in the moment. 

Here are just a few things that ignite appreciation in my heart (in no particular order):

  • My handsome husband and cheeky boys
  • Living next to the Pacific Ocean
  • My good health
  • Podcasts + books
  • Money in my savings account that gives me options 
  • Spotify playlists
  • SG&Co clients + community (all of you)
  • Road trips
  • Rummikub
  • Facetime with friends all around the world
  • Zoom workouts with my trainer and Carlin
  • Being a women living in the US
  • The Mountains
  • Chai Tea + early mornings
  • Cuddles with our pets
  • My intuition and leadership skills

I could keep going, but now it’s your turn.  I love what I have and am so thankful. 

What do you appreciate? 

I bet you have a lot more than you realize that ignites your spirit. 

It’s more than enough. 

If there’s ever been a lesson in 2020, it’s that there is no normal. You get to choose how you want to experience right now, this moment. What’s your best option for YOU right now, and trust it’s more than enough. 

Wishing you grace and a fulfilled heart this holiday season however you choose to celebrate,

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