How to crawl out from underneath the overwhelm & underwhelm…

9 months into the Pandemic, and I feel like I was starting to feel a sense of acceptance around all of the unexpected. 

However, as we cruise into the last two months of 2020, I’m realizing that all the initial feels I had at the beginning of the pandemic around ‘loss’ are rushing back.  The Holidays. The traditions. 

In our house, it all started with one question: “What are you going to be for Halloween?” 

Thus began my thousand-thoughts-per-minute that went something like, “Halloween? Will there even be trick-o-treating?” 

Wait, what about Thanksgiving? We usually travel somewhere new and unexpected. Felix’s Christmas play? What about the play?!

Christmas? OMG, Christmas without my parents?!

You get where I’m going. Before I knew it, I’m off and running. In case you’re not feeling the grief, anxiousness and everything in between yet, we have our election in the US on Tues?! 

So, here we are. Tomorrow’s Halloween. Now what? Insert: talk about every scenario to death “what’s safe, what’s responsible…” 

Insert: overthink some more, and then hash out every scenario. 

Rinse and Repeat. 

Could this year get any spookier?  Tomorrow is Halloween. For those of you with trick-o-treaters in the house, how will you decide to spend the holiday? 

One of the greatest gifts 2020 has taught me is that I have a choice when it comes to everything. I can choose to hash out every detail and scenario, usually resulting in increasing my anxiety, OR I can make the next right choice that best aligns with my values.  I know I’m not alone in this lesson because I’ve spent countless hours coaching clients in the SG community  around how to feel more grounded in a world that looks nothing like what we’re used to. 

What’s the simple answer to not getting bogged down in all the inertia? 

CHOOSE to consciously create and live from your values (hint: this means you must know your values) and, from there, take decisive action by being intentional about your next freckle-size step.  

For example, while I’m gutted we won’t be going to our friends annual Halloween party, we do want to celebrate Halloween as a family. This feels super important to me because two of my values are adventure and connection. So, we’ve come up with a plan that includes a small amount of ‘safe’ trick-o-treating coupled with an evening full of surprises for our boys (scary movie, ice cream cake from B&R [where else!]). Most importantly, I’m owning my decision and there’s no need to hem and haw. Next. 

So, if you’re feeling anxious, desire to feel more grounded, and get out from underneath all that over-thinking, try the simple decision making-tool. 

  1. What’s the experience you’re truly desiring?
  2. Identify your choices clearly
  3. Choose the one that is most in alignment with your values and that will expand you
  4. Voila. Own your decision and press in. 

I promise, you’ll make decisions more easily and begin to let go of thinking of decision-making through the context that there’s a right and a wrong. A whole new world will open to you filled with ease, grace, and completion. 

Happy Halloween and much love,

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