Own Your Impact: The World Needs You Now

Do you get just how powerful you are? The reason I ask is I noticed a clear theme this week with a segment of my clients: women in powerful leadership roles with track records of traditional success, unknowingly giving their power away. I’m calling attention to it because I don’t think it’s relevant to just my clients, but instead to driven women in general. Seeing this makes me so sad because giving away power softens the full impact of the fabulousness that can be shared with the world!

So many driven female leaders seemed exhausted and frustrated this week. Certainly doesn’t help with all that is going on at large, but, if I’m really honest, I’ve seen this pattern of behavior by women even pre-COVID, before mass protests, and prior to the economic bust.

This pattern often gets disguised in various versions of people pleasing. The flavor I notice the most is around female Sr. Execs involving way to many people in their big decisions because they want their teams to know that their opinions matter; that they matter. However, these leaders tend to swing so far over, creating indecision on their part and frustration on the part of the team due to lack of clarity.

Been there before?

Look, being in leadership and managing can be very lonely. It’s impossible to please everyone. We know that intellectually, yet I see so many women still trying to check that approval box with every decision they make. It doesn’t work! The real bummer of it all is that these leaders end up diminishing their own power, and ultimately their impact.

Eventually, I find two things happen: Either burn out, blaming the job, which leads to finding a new gig. Or, getting so fed up with it that leaders finally crack, realizing their leadership needs an upgrade.

It’s simple. Not easy, but simple.

Here’s the question I ask myself and my clients regularly that very quickly snaps me back into leadership.

What are you tolerating right now that  if you were to stop tolerating, you could be 10x more impactful?

I decided a while ago that I was done tolerating the crazy idea that other people’s opinions mattered more than mine. I hated the way it made me feel, and the time I wasted in the process of asking what others thought. Since I committed to no longer tolerating that behavior, I’ve felt such a sense of self-trust and so much more empowered and confident.

My SG tribe women: it’s time to own your magnificence and be willing to own your power. The world needs your gifts. We need your gifts; you need your gifts.

Shoot me a note or share with us on social, what you’re done tolerating. We got you. The tribe has you and, by no means, do you need to uplevel your leadership on your own.

Here’s to living your legacy and owning it,

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