A Personal Note From Sarah

How is your Heart today? 

Given the fear and loss created by Covid-19 to the horrific murder of George Floyd to the ongoing racism that exists in everyday moments, I’m disgusted, saddened, and stunned. I’m also intimidated.  

In full transparency, I’ve written and rewritten this email several times this week, only to come back to it after feeling like it was missing the mark. 

As a white woman, conscious of my many privileges, I have work to do. Now more than ever, I believe my mission through SG&Co remains incredibly important: to support ALL people living their legacy. 

We’ve all been introduced to meaningful opportunities to take immediate action – everything from donating money to the George Floyd Fund to lifting up the voices of and work done by all the strong, thoughtful Black leaders guiding our pained communities. 

I felt myself swept up this week with all the immediate ways to take action and make a difference. My communities shared all of the media recommendations with the goal of reinforcing anti-racism. However, the efforts just felt like they fell short given the enormous weight of what’s happening. Even my body was telling me this through the jittery anxiousness and tension I was feeling mid-week.

As doers who instinctively take action, want to be in the trenches, and yearn to make an impact, we immediately activate through our outward-facing behaviors. However, we have to be careful to not rest too comfortably, mistaking clever social posts, donations, and diving deeply into books as the only means towards transformation. While those actions are important, information does not equal transformation. I believe transformation in our consciousness is what will lay the foundation for systemic change.

There’s an essential step we all need to take to ensure we don’t trip on our road to the future. This is what I am doing:

I’ve committed to slowing down this week. Before sharing resources, curating social media, I’m taking stock of my own thoughts, assumptions, and behaviors that do not directly acknowledge the experience of people of color.

I’m also having intentional, one-on-one conversations with family, friends, and clients who are part of the black community through either the color of their skin or as part of a mixed-racial household. 

Listening. Learning. 

I see this as an opportunity for all us.

I’d love for you to join me.  If you’re wanting to evolve at your core (another word here) it starts  inside as an honest conversation with yourself without all the distractions. As well as inside one-on-one conversations with members of the Black community. This will begin to transform your way of being and intentional action, and will create systemic change. 

We’ll be sharing more about the action we’re taking over the coming weeks, but we’re not in a hurry. We’re all in on Black Lives Matter, and we’re all in standing in leadership to live a legacy we’re all proud of every single day all allows us to put our heads on the pillow at night and know we’re living from integrity.

Much love,

Sarah & the SG&Co team

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