2018 Sarah Gibbons Holiday Gift Guide

Fa la la la. It’s the most wonderful time of year! December’s festivities are in full swing and, right around now, I notice the feeling of frenzy and overwhelm. I was just talking to one of my soul sisters this morning, and we were reminding each other that this is the year we simplify and slow down, so we can focus on what really brings us fun and calm. 

Confession: I’m not done with my holiday shopping. However, I’ve tightened my list (simplify) and given myself space to have fun thinking about personal gifts that would bring joy to my people.  Execution is happening this week!

Meanwhile, here’s my curated list for 2018 that exemplifies how we over at SG like to feel during the holidays: nurtured, cherished, connected, and surprised!

Our hope is that this makes it a little easier for you to jump out of the hustle and bustle and start truly enjoying this time of year.

And most importantly, don’t forget to think about the one and only you!  The greatest gift I believe you can give yourself is a commitment to living to your full potential. The world wants you in all of your wonders. If you’re ready to learn more about how I help my clients experience their most potent self, email me directly at Sarah@sarahgibbons.co.  Happy gifting!


Lunya Washable Sleep Mask 


Men’s Society Sneaker Cleaning Kit 



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