Changing Your Life One Morning at a Time

How you start the day can change your day, and how you live your day can change your whole life. There is much published about the benefit of having a morning routine, and if you have a morning practice that is serving your greater vision for your life, congratulations! Scroll down and share in the comments what you love about your routine.

If you’re like the rest of us and “figuring out a morning routine” has basically set up shop permanently on your to-do list, I invite you to gather inspiration, start small, and try one of the ideas suggested below.

What is the very first thing you do when you wake up in the morning? Do you pick up your phone and start scrolling through social media? Do you jump right into your workout clothes? Do you immediately cater to the needs of your children? This last one was me for the first few years of being a mother, and when I finally decided to set my alarm to wake up 30 minutes before my children, I really discovered the magic of the morning routine. Yes, are there mornings when I choose to skip this (of course, I’m human), but when I do follow through on this, I experience a completely different energy in my house and those who live with me!

My routine has shifted over the years, but now I try to wake up prior to my children because the quiet morning hours are so gorgeous to me. Yes, I’m a morning person, but I thrive on investing in myself, so that I can not only be productive but actually feel alive and inspired throughout my day.

I’ve listed 20 ideas for your morning routine, each with a time estimate. So, start small, pick one or two that fit in the time frame you have, and go for it!

  1. Take a shower first before helping anyone else in the family (10 minutes).
  2. Make yourself a hot beverage. I prefer tea, but hot water with lemon is palate cleansing. (5 minutes)
  3. Set an intention for the day in writing (5 minutes).
  4. Tell yourself the results you want to create for the day.
  5. Share outloud how you want to feel and take a stand for that quality (who do you need and what do you need to do in order to activate that quality)
  6. Meditate (5-10 minutes).
  7. Free write in a journal.
  8. Read a short daily passage; I love The book “Having the Life You Want” By Mark Nepo
  9. Take 10 deep breathes (1 minute).
  10. Deep stretch your body (10 minutes).
  11. List 3 things for which you’re grateful (5 minutes).
  12. Walk around the block (5 minutes).
  13. Play some music that makes you feel alive (your children will thank you). (3 minutes)
  14. Delegate, delegate, and delegate (in other words, ask your partner, children for help in a kind way) (5 minutes)
  15. Make a list of urgent and non-urgent tasks (instead of a to-do list). You will be surprised about what ends up on urgent. Start with the urgent list first. (10 minutes)
  16. Know a few ways that you can do your hair that are easy and leave you feeling comfortable in your skin (my go to is a side braid if I’m short on time) (5 minutes)
  17. Have a protein shake for breakfast (I’m addicted to Arbonne’s Chocolate shake) (5 minutes)
  18. Get up an hour early before the rest of your house and just take your time moving around (1 hour).
  19. Be generous with cuddles and hugs amongst family members
  20. Recite your personal mission statement (1 min). Don’t have one? We can help you. Email for support.

Go for it.  Try some (or all) of these ideas on to see how creating a new morning routine can impact how you feel in the morning, how you show up with children, how you relate to your partner, and — most importantly — how you treat yourself. Not to mention you will increase your productivity and experience a lot more happiness during what use to be most likely a stressful hour.

Remember, how you do one thing, is how you do everything, and investing in your tank in the wee hours will lift your vibration and allow you to operate from a place of curiosity, patience, excitement, and love.

Can’t wait to hear what works for you,

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