Psst…we’ve been up to something big…

Last year, I gave my business card to a potential client, and I felt a twinge as the words “Conscious Working Mama” left my mouth. Where once I owned my company name with ease and pride, it felt restrictive, awkward, and no longer an expression of me. “Huh”, I thought to myself, and sat with that odd, uncomfortable feeling while inviting in its lessons. For almost a year, I’ve sat with it and waded through the confusion.

I started using the acronym CWM instead of Conscious Working Mama. Initially, it was for ease of use, but really, when I got honest with myself, it was because Conscious Working Mama no longer resonated with me and simultaneously with some of the women I knew I knew I was called to support. They are ambitious, driven women who maybe worked in a less traditional way, or who mothered in less traditional ways, but all struggled with authentic expression, identity, embracing the fullness of who they are here to become. I wanted my work to be inclusive of all the ways that women work, mother, and experience their own consciousness. Yes, I’m absolutely still coaching moms, but Conscious Working Mama started to feel exclusive and restrictive rather than inclusive and expansive.

I always remind myself and my clients, “We have to slow waaaaay down to speed up.” When I reflect back on the birth of CWM, it felt so right. I tried it on for several years and am so proud of the work that came out of it as well as the transformations I witnessed and the massive ripple effect it had. I also noticed there were three really important lessons I learned in this journey and catapulted me to my next level.

They are:

#1 Loosen the reigns and let the feedback inform your next move – I don’t know about you, but this can be so tough for me. I find I get fixated on how I want things to be and there can be no stopping me. I must say, had I not paid close attention to who my work was resonating with and what was lighting me up inside, I wouldn’t have built a 6-figure coaching business that inspires and challenges me while also being the kind of mother and wife I want to be. TIP: Utilize the feedback from the Universe and trust in the process, while detaching from the outcome.

#2 Be Honest with yourself – How many times have you felt God, spirit or your intuition nudge you that you’re off track? I know for me, my threshold of feeling uncomfortable is quite high, so I’ll ignore a lot of the signals until my inner knowing and God are basically knocking down my door. What I’ve learned is that honesty, the kind that often can be really hard to admit because it can lead to change, is what supports us in experiencing our highest version ourselves. Without, we can continue down a path that isn’t for highest good, resulting in not experiencing as much fulfillment and impact as we desire.

#3 Transformation takes time – I would bet that we all know this on the mental level, however, when it comes to embodying it, we’re a culture of wanting it *all* now. Well, it just doesn’t work this way. I sat in the cloudy waters for almost a year, trying to make sense what felt off and why when it came to my brand. I knew I felt confined, but I couldn’t really articulate why – especially when my business was flourishing and the temptation to buy into the belief of, “Don’t fix it if it’s not broken!” Again, it’s that feeling when our intuition is knocking, it becomes increasingly harder to ignore. Insights can happen in a nano-second, but in order to experience a true transformation, you have to embody those insights and be okay with getting it wrong (eek….yes, getting it wrong.). But, the possibility that awaits on the other side is absolutely gorgeous.

There were plenty more lessons I will share with you over time that helped me exponentially grow, but this will give you a taste of how to jump start your own changes. More importantly, I now feel more inspired and motivated by my mission than ever and empowered to take a stand for driven women who want to create their *all* and live their legacy without all the sacrifice, guilt, and struggle.

If you know someone who would be served by our expanded work here at SG, I’d be so honored and humbled if you would kindly share with them our new online space.

Your time is now. Don’t wait. I believe in you.

Much Love,

8 thoughts on “Psst…we’ve been up to something big…

  1. Sar – congratulations on this latest evolution. You and your work (and your family!) are a constant source of inspiration!

  2. This awesome Sarah. It’s so hard to step back and reassess sometimes if it’s not broken. Change/evolution is good and natural. Congrats!!

    • YES! It sure is and so necessary to evolve into our next version of ourselves. So glad the new SG site resonates w/ you! x

  3. I’m so impressed & so admire your ambition & generous spirit w/ what was CWM and will be and grow via Sarah Gibbons Co. You’re a true guide for our family, and I know an incredible resource for others. All 5 of us boys love and are proud of you!

    • Thanks, love. I always go back to you and our boys as my greatest teachers and my greatest source of inspiration.

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