Moving from Reflection to Creation

I recently wrote about the power of reflecting on 2017 as a foundation for 2018 goal-setting. I find this process so powerful partly because of the inevitable light of truth that it brings–you may realize you learned much more than you thought you did, or were more powerful, or more brutally honest, or that you deceived yourself, or any of a million epiphanies my clients have shared with me about their 2017 experience.

This truth can then be brought to bear upon your creation for 2018. I completed my reflection process and spent two weeks allowing my conscious and unconscious awareness process what I discovered before diving into my 2018 creation work. If I’m totally honest, this felt so uncomfortable because everytime I sat down to write about my vision for 2018, I just couldn’t seem to move forward with envisioning the year to come!  I did what most of us do; I just ignored it. I played with my children, watched movies, ate good food, and relaxed until I was ready.

While I knew in the back of my head that big things were ahead for 2018, I had to really be ready to articulate them. There were several areas of my life that held profound lessons for me in 2017, which included purpose, family, friends, and relationship with myself. It’s in these areas that these three powerful insights shaped my 2018 vision.

Top 3 lessons from 2017

  1. I am a possibilitarian at my core and have several new and exciting projects planned for 2018 and, yet, it’s incredibly easy for me to procrastinate on my own projects because of my commitment and investment in helping corporations and individuals step into their full potential. Anyone else procrastinate around your own desires? It’s so frustrating!
  2. I learned that connection to a something greater than myself is wildly important for helping me process who I am, what my purpose is in this lifetime as well navigating my personal life with grace and ease.
  3. I learned that creative expression is part of who I am and that it must be fostered and nurtured on a regular basis in order for me to feel alive and awake.
  4. BONUS: It’s hard for me to admit this because it would just be so much easier to leave everything as is, but I’ve outgrown (maybe a better way to say it is, “evolved”) in my business and am making some major shifts to account for it!

After coming up with your own insights, choose two or three that are meaningful to you and talk about how your vision for 2018 in this area came from some kind of epiphany about 2017.

What does this all mean as it relates to what I want in 2018 and what I’m going to do about it? Well, I’m glad you asked!


My ambition is on fire, and the desire to experience having my “all” in a way that allows me to fully be a leader; one who helps others experience their full potential AND be a present mother AND feel connected to my husband are a top priorities for 2018. How do you support yourself in having your “all”? Here’s the first step I’ve taken, and I hope this helps you.

  1. Invested in myself on multiple levels. On a personal level, this looks like investing an uncomfortable amount of money in my coach, schedule and track a regular exercise routine, and set aside 1:1 time with each one of boys — even if it’s 10 minutes a day. On the professional side, I’m expanding my brand, so I can serve more of my people and make a greater impact. I’m embracing myself as a leader and putting myself in conversations and rooms where I feel intimidated. I’ve created more systems to track my progress because one thing I know for sure, what doesn’t get measured, doesn’t grow.


I’m committed this year to fully expressing myself in ways that light me on fire. I’m kicking this year off by leading a small group at our church, allowing me to facilitate thought provoking conversations on what people believe as it relates to something bigger than themselves. I’ve also committed to joining a leadership team for one of my mentors in the coaching world in order to help hoan my own skills. I’ve committed to writing creatively, which looks like spending 30 minutes a few times a week getting my ideas out of my head and onto paper!

I see it happen over and over with clients and friends (and myself): we dream big and then when it comes to execution, we try and throw spaghetti at the wall and hope it sticks. This results in overwhelm, confusion, and comparison.

So, how’s it going? Do you have a vision for your 2018 that builds on your lessons for 2017 and a strategy to help make it come true?  

If you’re struggling for clarity, we can help. Comment below or connect with me here, (link for contact page) and we will put time on the calendar to have a conversation to explore how we can best support you. I see you and your possibility. Let’s not wait another year for you to own your genius.

Much Love,


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