Month: January 2018

The One Thing You Must do Before Crafting 2018 Goals

The new year is one of my favorite times of the year—the blank slate, the feeling of freshness and excitement about the year to come. It’s one of the best times to set goals and create a vision for the year. I’ve gone through so many processes of goal-setting: making resolutions, burning what I want to release, creating a vision board, writing down my goals, eschewing goals altogether in favor of a word of the year.


Moving from Reflection to Creation

I recently wrote about the power of reflecting on 2017 as a foundation for 2018 goal-setting. I find this process so powerful partly because of the inevitable light of truth that it brings–you may realize you learned much more than you thought you did, or were more powerful, or more brutally honest, or that you deceived yourself, or any of a million epiphanies my clients have shared with me about their 2017 experience.