Inspire Your Inner Adventurer

Everytime I sit down to write about this experience, I get a bit giddy inside. There are two things I LOVE in life: surprises and adventure. Why? Because it ignites the feeling of wonder, play and aliveness inside of me. It takes the days that can start to feel very routine, mundane and dare I say groundhog like and put them on their head.

I use to feel some shame around sharing that my days felt mundane, because of everything I’m so grateful for (e.g: healthy children, a loving husband, a successful career that gives me a lot of freedom etc). Not to mention that some of the things that felt like Groundhog Day (getting my boys to their after school activities, implementing marketing strategies for CWM) do in fact carry joy. How could I possibly have anything to complain about, let alone share that I’m bored?

Call it my DNA, call it my personality, call it whatever — I’ve always been the type of person who wanted MORE. There’s a distinction here: not more in the way of ‘things;’ in fact, I’ve always been a quality over quantity girl in all aspects of my life. Ever since I was little, if something started to not feel right, I was never the girl that could just turn away. In fact, I did the exact opposite even if it meant changing things up in a big, big way despite all the fear that creeps in when you drastically change course in your life. I had the awareness at a young age that when I experienced adventure, I felt alive. I felt like myself. To be transparent, I don’t think I even knew to call it adventure. It wasn’t until recently that I could articulate it more. Adventure is a an expression of the play spirit. What I see over and over in my own life as well as my clients, is that it’s essential to be in touch with this wild part of your spirit because it fuels your vitality. It’s what makes you come alive! With out, you will literally feel like your soul is drying up.

Fast forward to the present. I’m now 40. I find those of of us who are rounding out our 30’s, and into our 40’s or 50’s carrie an array of titles such as wife, mother, leader, entrepreneur, volunteer (and the list goes on and on). With all those titles come responsibility, which I find can very easily get in the way of adventure. Before you know it, your days start to look and feel like every other day. I find it’s easy to plan and fit adventure in designated times like summer holiday or Spring Break, but for my soul that is not enough. I crave adventure on a regular basis. Sometimes this looks like travelling to new places and other times it looks like being spontaneous in everyday living. Breakfast for dinner? A new route to work? Wear a daring blouse that you wouldn’t normally wear?

What can you DO or who can you BE to ignite the feelings of adventure inside of you today?

A few weeks back I surprised our big boys with a weekend away. My initial idea was to tell them I had planned a trip to Seattle, somewhere they love, but usually only go in the summer. But my got told me to keep it a secret from the get go and so I did. Long story short, I showed up at 11am on a Friday to pick them up from school unbeknownst to them. I had their bags packed. The look on their faces and the feeling I got inside when I saw how surprised, shocked, giddy and happy ignited a massive flame inside of me. As we walked down the last hallway to leave the school, we all started running for no reason because we had plenty of time to catch our flight, but it was the pure joy and excitement that watched over us. All the way to LAX, the boys guessed where we were going and what we were doing (side note: they were convinced we were going mini-golfing which made me realize the bar was very low for creating adventure).
Long, long story short, the weekend was magical. Not to say that life didn’t happen (some talking back, sibling rivalry, etc) but the curiosity, connection and appreciation for one another quadrupled.

It’s very easy to gloss over our desire for sense of adventure and spontaneity because of all our responsibilities, but the impact it can have on us as driven women, mothers, wives, activities you name it is powerful. It does everything from creating more joy to reminding us who we really are and what it is we love in life. It’s vital to you, me, all of us to feel the playful spirit that is crucial to feeling energized in our day to day living.

In case you missed the question a while back, I’d love to hear your response to this question: “What can you DO or who can you BE to ignite the feelings of adventure inside of you today?”

Please share with all of us so can be inspired by what it is you want to experience!

Here’s to many adventures ahead,





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