What I Love About Being a Mom


In a recent conversation that felt more like a major blow up with my oldest son, he asked me, “Do you like being a Mom?” Initially, the voice in my head had quite a sarcastic response, but my heart immediately felt a heavy sigh.

“Of course I do.” It was that moment when I realized {again} that this whole thing called Motherhood is pretty mind-blowing. Full stop.

What do I love about Motherhood?

I love that I get to bare witness to them experiencing so many incredible firsts:

  • Laughing so hard they pee their pants.
  • Feeling of wanderlust, after a long car trip.
  • The pleasure felt from learning to read and discovering a favorite book series and so much more!

I love that I get to be the recipient of their undefended hearts. They can blow up at me, and yet moments — sometimes hours later — they still welcome me with open arms. They are masters at modeling forgiveness. Self-forgiveness. The most important kind, which nudges me to be more compassionate towards myself and carry on.

I love that they live in the present moment; there’s rarely a conversation about the past or the future.

I love that they keep my ambition in check! Play is at the heart of who they are and what they want out of life. Even as my oldest approaches double digits, having fun is his #1 priority. I don’t have the opportunity to be too serious around them.

There’s so much I could on and on about. But one of the things I love most about being a Mama is that our children believe anything is possible. Their hearts are wide open and their minds are curious. They still believe the impossible is possible without blinking. As if they don’t know any better?! Life experiences haven’t muddled their vision. Being surrounded by this kind of energy is a gift, and it’s infectious.

So, I’d love to hear from you. What do you love about being a Mom? Whether, if you’re a Stepmom, a Mom-to-be, or a Mother to many, what are your thoughts? Share with the SG Community below!

While it’s hard work (understatement), it truly is the most rewarding job if you’re open to it.  And yes, today’s the day you get acknowledged publicly a little more for all your efforts, but don’t forget on every other day to turn inward and remind yourself how incredible you really are. This job is not for the faint of heart.

So much love,

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