Move Away from Distraction and Awaken Your Joy with My Conscious Convo with Agapi

{Sarah & Agapi}

For those of you were able to join the live Conscious Convo with Agapi Stassinopoulos on Friday morning, you got to experience, first hand, the magic, the inspiration, and the fire that she breathes into a room! If you missed it, you can catch the entire replay here on the Conscious Working Mama Facebook page.

As many of you know, I’m on a mission to help ambitious moms experience ALL of why they’re here, and to love themselves in the process. It was such an incredible honor to be united with a new soul sister who is up to big things in her own life and who is experiencing ALL of who she’s here to become and so clearly enjoying the ride.

We covered sooo much, but what felt most important to me after some reflection was how to move from overwhelm to feeling joy.

Similar to my coaching practice, Agapi guides with practical and spiritual steps. These steps are incredibly powerful in the moment and are aligned with what modern moms need. For example, one of Agapi’s top tips for when you’re in a state of overwhelm and lacking joy:  

“Pause, put your hand on your belly and ask yourself the question, ‘What can I do for you?’” Watch the replay at 20:35 for details on how this can elevate you to a whole new level of joy.

For some of you, maybe overwhelm isn’t what gets in the way of your joy. Perhaps, it’s the other voice in your head that’s constantly judging and saying you ‘should have.’ So, what would Agapi say? Ready for it? She would say…

“Live life as a thank you.”

In fact, we all agreed to write a thank you note to ourselves and mail it. Who doesn’t love to receive personal mail? Can you think of anything more fun than receiving a note to you, from you, and about you, gushing about how wonderful you are? Imagine the little girl inside of you and how she would feel. Warning: grab a tissue when you open up that thank you note and read it for the first time.

Other highlights include discussions about the feeling of lack and how it robs us of job (min. 33:24) and the drawbacks of over-scheduling (min. 40:15).

Most importantly, we talked about four under-utilized and so-important words: “Can you help me?” Watch around 43:00 for Agapi’s call-to-action. You have to catch this segment, and I’m inviting you to accept the challenge too.

I want to hear all about how your life shifts when you ask for help! Since our conversation on Friday, I’ve heard from one woman in the room who received financial freedom by asking for help from her ex-husband with sharing the college tuition for her children. Miracles can happen with these four words.

This conversation was so powerful and my hope is that you too will feel the joy when you watch it.

Please share your own aha moments with our tribe, and if you want further support, email me directly:

I’ll leave you with this anonymous quote: “Treat yourself as if you were someone inexpressibly dear to you.”


Much Love,







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