I Had An Epiphany On My Date Night…







I’ve missed you. I’ve been a little MIA these past couple of weeks. I don’t want to bore you with details, but I will sum it up as: LIFE happened. Things got moving fast, and I couldn’t slow down.  Maybe you can relate. It wasn’t until I went on my date night with John last night that it hit me.

My Past few weeks looked like:

       I delivered several talks on experiencing your full potential, with ease, which gave me tremendous joy!

       I’ve been in the trenches with my team, working on an upcoming training starting in November. I will share all the details very soon…think GRACE.

       I’ve experienced incredible transformations amongst my regular coaching clients who are doing the work day in and day out to experience their full potential

       I made a big decision and invested in my own personal growth on a whole new level that required an even bigger commitment of financial, time, and emotional investments.

       I’ve made time to volunteer in my boys classrooms and feeling like I’m present in their day to day lives.

Date night happened, and it kicked off in a different way than it normally does. First, I couldn’t find my credit card. I was leaving for NYC the next day, so terrible timing. Second, my phone cracked. Since it was already on the brink of complete uselessness, and I hadn’t made time to fix it, the final drop on its head shattered the screen.

And just like that, our date night turned into a 2-hour Apple store affair.

This wasn’t the first time this had happened. Yes, the first time those two things had happened together, but not the first time it happened at once and before a trip. Maybe you’ve experienced this as a Mom.

I had the thought. You know the one… Why Me?!  Then tears of frustration. Then Anger.

The good news is that I go through all the cycles much faster now and get back to center much faster.

It hit me. Ambition is a beautiful gift, and it’s part of the fuel to your engine. It’s what allows you to commit and accomplish goals and dreams …and even the daily tasks.

However, knowing when to take your foot ever so slightly off the gas and nurture yourself, is what allows your engine to hum, not rattle. When you do this, you keep your tank half full, never allowing yourself to experience exhaustion, overwhelm, or chaos (which is what happened to me this week).

While the past few weeks were full of some major purpose-driven work, I forgot to slow down and take care of me. I didn’t read from my favorite book Love Warrior, and I certainly didn’t move my body enough. I forgive myself and here’s my invitation to you.

Slow down to speed up. It’s very easy as a mom to let your ambition and addiction to doing and completing tasks get the best of you.

For today, where in your life can you slow down, nurture yourself, so you feel more inspired, fulfilled, empowered, rested and ready to jump back in full steam ahead?  I’d love to hear.

This concept is top of mind for me as I’m spending the weekend in NYC  with Dr. Shefali, the author of ‘The Awakened Family.’ My intention is to slow way down this weekend so that I can receive all that is available for me at her 3-day workshop: personal growth, new connections with other conscious mamas. In-between this amazing weekend, I’m intentionally taking time to  nurture myself with a walk through Central Park, quality conversations with old friends, and kick my feet up with my girl Glennon Doyle Melton. Did I mention I love her?!  I can’t wait to share my highlights from this workshop. More to come.

Remember to slow down in order to speed up,

Sarah x

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