I Interviewed A Conscious Mama Who Wrote A Book About You

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This month’s Conscious Convo features Suzi Lula. She’s a mentor, colleague, and friend who inspires me to find my edge. And, she’s can sit on the other end of the phone and, by saying absolutely nothing, make me feel 100% supported. She’s that person for me.

In addition to being a Mom and running a very successful therapy practice for 18 years, Suzi has a mission that is so big, it brings her to tears when she talks about it: to transform the very face of Motherhood from one of exhaustion, overwhelm and self-sacrifice to one of self-care and true spiritual connection for all Mothers.

Suzi explains that taking care of ourselves is not selfish. She expands on this vision in her new book, The Motherhood Evolution: How Thriving Mothers Raise Thriving Children.

The book challenges the way we think about Motherhood. In my own experience, it has helped me transform from a feeling of lack and martyrdom to a state of confidently nurturing myself, so that I can feel alive. Thus allowing me to raise thriving children.

Her book is a must-read, and you can get a copy here!

My conversation with Suzi is a little bit longer than most, but it’s a juicy one and near and dear to my heart. In this interview, Suzi  shares:

  1. How she moved out of a perfectionism, martyrdom, and self-loathing in order to experience her full potential as a visionary, wife, and mother.

  2. A new definition of self-care that provides permission to easily nourish yourself.

  3. Three easy practices to integrate a daily self-care routine.

  4. The #1 tool Suzi uses when she has a moment of unconscious behavior and how she quickly reconciles it with in herself.

Without further ado, I’m honored and so excited to share another conscious, modern Mom who shares in the vision of seeing all of us thrive.

You can watch our convo here!

Much Love,

Sarah x

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