I Want To Talk To You…Join Me on FB Live This Wed {9/7} at 9:30am PST….


Hi Mama~

I find it’s easy to feel disconnected once you become a Mom. Our ambition can take us one direction, our marriage another, and our children in a completely opposite way.   

That’s why I want to have a conversation with YOU.  I want to bring conscious modern moms together in an easy and supportive way to bridge the gap between the busy-ness of our lives and our true purpose.

Join me this Wednesday (9/7) at www.fb.com/consciousworkingmama for a Live session at 9:30PST.  I’m going to share my own personal stories (some funny, some not so funny), my favorites books and the spiritual tools that have  helped me grow more than I ever thought was possible for myself.

The session is designed to inspire + entertain you at the same time.

My hope is that together our talk will spark a bigger conversation among Modern Moms in our CWM community, and that this  momentum will fuel you to say yes to what it is you’re heart desires more.

So join me….this Wed at 9:30am pst….  Here’s the link to my Facebook page!

It’s time to live courageously and live out loud fully,

Sarah x

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