Here’s how you can experience ALL of who you are

I love the start of the school year. Seeing familiar faces that we haven’t seen in a while, renewed energy amongst both the children and the parents, and a curiosity about what the year will bring. I even take comfort in the anxiety that creeps in as I watch my boys find out which teachers they received and hunting to see if their friends got in the same class.

I like to think of the start of the school year like New Year’s Eve. What are my intentions for the year? And, not just for my children, but also for myself!

Instead of waiting until the end of the year to set your goals for what you want to experience, join me in making movement towards what it is your heart desires. I mean really desires.

What are you denying yourself that you no longer can no longer ignore?

How are you holding back in your marriage?

At work?

What are you craving to express?

In my quest to support other Moms, I created the ‘Guide to Better Me’ mini-course.

This is for the Mom who believes it’s about progress, not perfection. The Mom who believes striving for something bigger while also thriving in your day to day. The Mom who believes a better you accepts, honors, and appreciates herself…warts and all. Because that’s when you really know you’re living in the full expression of who you are.

I designed this mini-course in a way that’s easy to digest and integrate into your daily routine. This if for you if you’re done believing you have to seek permission or sacrifice your desires to experience ALL of who you are.

If you don’t have time to read a book, but want some quick proven tools to help you experience the better version of you, then the Guide to Better Me mini-course is for you. You can purchase it HERE.

I’m so committed to seeing you experience the fullness of who you are this year, so I hope to see you in the Guide to Better Me mini-course.

Love and Wholeness,

Sarah x

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