Work-Life Wholeness: the myth of balance and what to shoot for instead!

As an ambitious Mom, do you often feel like you’re spinning plates and cups all the time, trying to find the ideal balance? It’s impossible isn’t it?  Yet, even on the good days when you experience some sense of ‘balance’, do you still feel burned out and craving more happiness in your life?

My family and I were on a long road trip last week, and I got to thinking more and more about my conversations with clients who think they want balance. In further investigating, what they really want is to experience the fullness of who they really are.

Consider swapping out the goal of balance and, instead, make your goal around experiencing ALL of who you are. In thinking more and more about my road trip last week, I experienced the fullness of who I am in every way….

* My soul felt nurtured because we were traveling to new cities and experiencing different culture, food, and people.

* I felt purposeful because I was coaching clients throughout the week.

* I was traveling with my husband and three boys, so the Mama Bear in me was in full bloom.

* I was with my husband and shared many great laughs over our adventures.

There were days when I was parenting more than I was coaching; days when I was being a wife more then I was a Mom; other days when I was running my business more than I was a parenting. This mix all made me feel alive, engaged, and fulfilled. I experienced the fullness of who I am and freedom at a whole new level.

Here are three tips to help YOU experience work-life wholeness and live more fully:

Set a clear intention for how you want to experience your day

Commit to the one thing that will make the biggest impact in work; make that your focus.

Set boundaries for yourself and stick to them!

Instead of striving for balance, go for work-life wholeness. Imagine experiencing the fullness of you are; the side effects are amazing. You will feel a greater sense of happiness, fulfillment, purpose, and grace throughout your life.

Here’s to experiencing work-life wholeness with grace and ease,

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