3 Signs You’re Living A Conscious Life

Do you feel purposeful in your life? Excited by the legacy that you’re going to leave? For me, there was a time, when I use to feel a sense of, “what am I going to be remembered for?” because of my lack of fulfillment. Not anymore.

Do you genuinely feel a sense of joy about who you are, what you stand for, and how you show up for yourself? I know we’re human, but generally speaking, do you feel alive and able to receive pleasure on all levels?

Do you like who you are and give yourself permission to speak up, share and express yourself with others?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then congrats! You are on your way to experiencing life consciously. However, if you experiencing a few NO’s, here are some tools for you:

1.Craving Purpose? It’s time to get clear on how you want to FEEL, before you can decide on what you want!

ACTION STEP: What does purpose feel like to you? Describe all the feelings that come up for you. Don’t limit yourself. Get crystal clear on all the feelings, qualities, and values that you require to experience in order to feel purpose. This will become your template to build upon in designing what it is you want to DO.


2. Ready for more Joy? Begin by opening up all your senses to receive more joy.

ACTION STEP:  Listen to music that fires you up, hug your partner or children 5 seconds longer than normal, go for a 5 minute walk everyday and immerse yourself in the outdoors, use spices on your food (cinnamon is a great one), flowers in your house to smell, and I highly suggest taking the time to spread lotion on your body after the shower. This allows you to connect with yourself.

3. Want to deepen your self-love and self-trust? What’s something you desire more of in your life, but are holding back and not speaking up around?

ACTION STEP: Give yourself permission to be honest first with yourself about what it is you desire. Secondly, share it with one person close to you. You will be amazed at the freedom you feel by sharing it with someone close and the increased connection you will feel with yourself.

As women living at the intersection of ambition and authenticity, we have a choice as to  whether we want to experience life consciously. These 3 steps help me experience meaning and joy, all while learning to like myself all over again after I took on the role of motherhood.

Here’s to living authentically and consciously,

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