Stop Thinking You Have To Be In Control & Instead Try This…

Today, I feel full possibility. Inspiration. Excitement for 2016.

But, I have a confession. Last week when my husband and I were trying to get our three boys dressed for school, lunches made, and get out the door by 7:45, I felt anxious.

Overwhelm set in. No time for meditation at the early hour.

I’ve noticed this is when I have thoughts of feeling like I need to be in control of every situation in my life to ‘make it work.’ Especially in the New Year. Sound familiar?

The desire to have it all figured it out. Your next professional move. The children’s Spring Break planned. Your girls weekend in the works. Oh, and add: be more patient with your partner and children to that list.

I’ve been seeing this frantic energy and desire to know that everything is going to be ok amongst many of my clients this past week and, admittedly, myself; it doesn’t feel good.

So, I could tell you what my track coach would tell me: shake it off.

Or, you could try a completely different approach. What if you fast forward all the way to the end of the year…New Years Eve. Take five minutes and pretend that you’re sitting with your best friend. You’re so excited to tell her about your year. It’s just as you imagined it. Professionally, you really went for it. You did that one thing you’ve been dying to do. Personally, you stretched beyond your boundaries. You took your relationship to a whole new level you didn’t know possible. As a Mom, you feel even more connected to your children in a way that you didn’t know was possible.

So now, how would you answer the question, “2016 was my most favorite year because I experienced ….”

From this place, what’s one action step you could commit to to move yourself forward and experience the year that you really desire?

Mama’s, let go of the control. Instead, replace it with how you want to experience this year. It might feel a bit slower. It might feel a bit uncertain. Focusing on the experience, you will expand and gain clarity vs. tightening up the reigns and constricting yourselves to a life of frustration, overwhelm, anxiousness, and, dare I say, exhaustion.

Make this year count,

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