How To Experience More Ommm Throughout Your Work Day

embrace-the-chaossmallI’m ready to experience some more Ommm. Are you?  My days start early. My oldest son wakes up at 5:30am, followed by my 2nd son, and my little Gus Gus rounds out the hour with all systems firing by 6:30am. Every light is on in the house, the volume is a 10, and there’s a lot of excitement with a bit of the grumpies mixed in. And, two mornings a week, I coach clients starting at 7:30, so the start of those days can feel extra frenetic. While, I have a system that allows me to squeeze in a shower, make three lunches, and breakfast for all, this morning I found myself stressed out!

Though the manic mornings end at 8am when they’re all off at school (and there are mornings when I hear myself let out a huge sigh), the stress can easily stay with me.

Can you relate? We’ve all had that experience of being pulled by our clients’ schedules, motherhood, wifely duties, and our own ambition. As a result, are you left feeling manic and depleted, and tell yourself something needs to give….but what?! This conversation can take you down a deep rabbit hole if you’re not careful.

I’m going to share 3 simple tools to help you take the lead and experience more Ommm…

  1. Ask yourself this question, “What do I want to experience right now?” Get crystal clear on those feelings.
  2. Simplify. Slowing down may feel like too big of a step, so start with a baby step. What can you simplify in your life?  What can you delegate at work, where can you ask for help, and what can you rearrange to better serve you.
  3. Commit to one action that brings you JOY – here are just a few small ways in this past week that have reduced my stress and brought me joy:
  • Listen to an inspiring book — I can’t say enough amazing things about Elizabeth Gilbert’s new book, “Big Magic”. A must-read for all of us craving more creative expression in our lives. I love because I can listen while I drive or clean house.
  • Pay it forward. Striking up a conversation with a stranger and show your true essence (put that phone down). It will fill your heart just as much as theirs (Starbucks or grocery store que)
  • Look at old photos! Keep a few old photos around that hold special memories. Amazing how you can connect to them in a heartbeat.
  • Do an art project. We made Halloween costumes this week, and if I get super honest, I think I enjoy as much, if not more, than the children.
  • Discover new music. We all have a few culture vulture friends. Find out what they’re listening to and plug in.
  • Pin your travel desires! I search travel photos weekly because it keeps me connected to future travel explorations! You can get inspired by my travel board HERE:

Through all my years of working in the corporate world, being a Mom to three boys, being a Coach to working Moms, and doing loads of volunteer work, I’ve realized one very important lesson: The more connected I am to myself, the less stressed I am. It’s really that simple.

Imagine how much more relaxed, connected and awake you’d feel…Don’t just do it. Be it.


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