What My 6 Year Old Spiritual Teacher Taught Me About Trust…

DSC_5534My three boys and I were on the Washington coast last week with my parents and experienced lazy summer days riding scooters, swimming, and combing the beach for treasures. As I often do, I shared my daily intention with my six year old son, Levi, as I think it sets a good practice. For this particular day I said, “My intention is to find a beautiful sand dollar that I can take back to LA.” Levi didn’t know what a sand dollar was, so he asked a few questions. We had lovely conversation about what they are and their purpose.

Fast forward a few hours to our morning beach walk. When we were leaving Levi came running up to me, and we had the following conversation:

Levi: “Mama, I make dreams happen!”

Me: “ What do you mean?”

Levi: “I found you a sand dollar!”

My heart was full. I was so appreciative of this one little sand dollar that he found. I didn’t think anything of it. It seemed so simple and possible. Fast forward about 30 minutes later. We left the beach, walked home, and settled into our cabin. The conversation continued with Levi:

Levi: “Mama, I have a surprise.”

Me: “Oh yeah, what’s that, Levi?”

Levi emptied his pockets, and out came one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine sand dollars. He said, “I have nine more for you…which makes ten! Are you so happy?”

I was SHOCKED; in disbelief. While they were absolutely beautiful, and his excitement was palpable, I didn’t believe him. I didn’t trust him. I doubted him from the minute he started emptying his pockets. My mind immediately second guessed him and assumed it couldn’t be true. How could he have found nine more? I started interviewing him. Where did you find them? Tell me exactly where? How were they in the sand? I took what was his victorious moment and turned it into an interrogation.

As he started to tell me the details, my mind started to catch up with my heart, and I realized that he was telling the truth. I could indeed trust him.

Sand dollars live in clusters. Levi had been digging and had discovered an entire cluster. To surprise me, he packed his pockets full, and carried them back.

I had an aha moment that afternoon and realized that my lack of trust in Levi jeopardized what was meant to be a spontaneous, joyous occasion. It made me think about those moments when I don’t trust myself, second guessing my decisions as a Mom, an entrepreneur, and a wife. It made me think of how those doubts do not serve me.

Food for thought: Do you enter situations trusting others with an open heart and mind or are you full of doubt? If so, what does this reflect back to you, and how do you feel about yourself?  Start by creating an awareness around it, so you can be open to receiving as much fun and joy as there is in every experience for you.

Much Love For You & Spontaneity,


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