Month: July 2015

When’s the last time you felt butterflies?

Can you remember? Were they flapping their wings right in the core of your gut?
Were you scared? Excited? Nervous?

A few days ago, I had the brilliant opportunity to share my story and tangible tools with a large group of savvy, professional, “make it happen” women. Sound like you?

My talk was on the theme, “Where did ME go?” and addressed the working women and working mom challenges that we all face. Even though I love public speaking and have given countless presentations to studio execs, CMOs, creative visionaries and working moms, there was something about this particular event that sparked butterflies in my stomach.

They came and went throughout the day and I wondered why I was feeling them. I was confident in the content of my talk. I was super excited about the women who were attending and I was incredibly thankful for the opportunity that had shown up gracefully and effortlessly.

While on my run that morning, the light bulb went off. The butterflies weren’t fear—they represented excitement. Joy. Fun. Expansion. It’s almost as if their wings were beating faster then normal because of the positive charge. I was reminded that I felt that way because I’m living on purpose. I’m doing what I call my “God’s work” and I LOVE IT. Every experience and job I had that led me to this part of my life has contributed to the unfolding of where I am now. I welcome the butterflies. Anytime. It means I’m growing in ways I never knew were possible.

Are you wanting to experience the good kind of butterflies? I have a question to help get you going if you’re feeling stuck.

“What is your soul seeking right now at this very moment?”

Sit with that and see what comes up. You will be surprised at what you start to hear. Now is your time to listen and act on your intuition, so you can experience as much fulfillment, purpose and harmony as you desire (and can receive).

Ready to go for it? Let’s talk.

Much Love,

Sarah xx

How’s Your Capacity to Receive?

photo (5) Recently, I’ve had a surplus of good friends move – most of them back abroad or to NYC. This week, a very dear friend is moving to Connecticut, and I have to share something so amazing that she did that helped increase my capacity to receive.

My friend, Sarah Snow, set the intention to connect all of her favorite women with one another prior to leaving, knowing that because we were special to her, that we’d find common threads with each other and additional friendships would be born.

To initiate this, she hosted an evening for all of us to share our favorite things. We were instructed to select a favorite thing of ours and bring five of them, wrapped and ready to shre why that item was meaningful in our lives.

We each wrote our name on five pieces of paper and dropped them into a bowl. The person presenting their favorite thing would draw five names to receive that specific gift. I left with beautiful a gratitude journal, an incredible pasta sauce, luxurious hand cream, and heavenly organic tea.

This thoughtful gathering wasn’t about giving; it was about receiving. While I was initially caught up with the giving process –did I get the right thing? Will others like it? — I realized that it was more about learning to receive the other women’s gifts and personal anecdotes. Being able to take it in, see what they saw, and connect with them through an appreciation of their gift. While the gifts were lovely, I experienced meaningful conversations, authentic connections, and the birth of friendships.

How do you receive joy in your life? Are you available or is there something standing in the way?

I want to hear from you. Post your comments below. I promise, if you’re thinking it, one of our amazing, Conscious women is also feeling it. Connect with your tribe here!  For me, being a Conscious Working Mama is lifestyle. A way a life. Join me.

Enjoy life,

Sarah xx