Working Moms…How Do You Enjoy Spring Break?

boys2Hi Working Mamas,

I’m thinking about each of you from the mountains, where I’m spending spring break with my family. My husband and I decided a while back that we really wanted to take the boys skiing for a week. This was something that I personally felt very strongly about because skiing is a passion of mine, and it’s something that our boys really enjoy learning. I love the idea of us doing a sport together as a family.

As a working Mom, you probably can relate to what a big deal this is since it means taking a week off from work, as well as factoring in all of the expenses.  Prior to leaving, I had set a very clear intention for our trip: experiencing every moment, feeling engaged and present and not being attached to an outcome. A big part of my intention was to allow myself to really ‘be’ in the mountains, not be tied to my laptop and holding coaching sessions.

I have to admit something. It hasn’t been easy. The first couple of days, I found myself not working at all. Then, all the sudden, anxiety would sneak in, and I’d start to wonder, “what am I missing? What should I be doing?” These thoughts didn’t feel good and they were an obstacle to fully participating with my family the way I wanted to and had envisioned.

Tell me, do you give yourself permission to truly take time for yourself? How do you turn off your work?  I mean really turn it off to the point where you’re not envisioning your inbox filling up.

I found myself answering this question repeatedly the other day:

“What’s the worst thing that will happen if I don’t answer emails, take client calls, or prepare for my upcoming launch?” Once I cut through the sarcasm, I realized absolutely nothing would happen. There was no need for me to dramatize the situation.

Then I answered this question:

“What will I gain from surrendering to exactly where I am and just allow myself to enjoy the down time?”

Wow, did my inner voice have something to say about that! She went on and on and on…. It became very clear that the pros outweighed the cons. Now that our trip is almost over, I’m feeling rested, inspired, and reconnected to my family. I’m so thankful for this week away and most importantly giving myself permission to truly enjoy it.

Tell me about you. Do you gift yourself holidays and, most importantly, how do you experience them?

Love from a very relaxed working Mama,


Sarah xx


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