When’s the last time YOU jumped in puddles?

GibbonsBoys_puddles We live in LA, and I can hardly remember the last time it rained prior to yesterday. This is bizarre for me because I grew up in Seattle, where it rains all the time I have been nostalgic for seasons, particularly the rain, absolutely craving every element it delivers: grey sky, sweaters, wet grass, and, most of all, the puddles!! So, a few days ago I woke up to a downpour. I could barely contain my excitement. My boys were parked in front of the TV on an early Sat morning, and I hustled them into whatever rain gear I could find since it’s a bit like Christmas decorations, we pull them out once a year. After a mad scramble, we got all three boys dressed and headed out in the rain to pounce in the puddles. At first, my intentions were strictly for the boys to absorb this event. However, once I got out there, the familiar feelings all came back to me. I found myself as excited as they were to explore the rain. Any worry I had disappeared, any to do list I had faded away, and all I could think about was skipping along with my boys, bouncing in and out of the puddles, and being one of them. Time stood still. For a few moments, I felt free. Free from all my motherhood responsibilities, free from my job, and free from my own worries. The little Sarah in me had come out to play and make no mistake about it, she was loving it. It was like she was celebrating right along side of my sons; the joys of being a child.
I also had time to reflect on motherhood and how it’s layered with opportunities for new beginnings. By getting in touch with “little Sarah,” I was able to tap into a new way of experiencing joy that stayed with me all day. How about that?!
I ask you, what does the girl inside of you love to do? I invite you to take her up on it!

Have fun and play hard,

Sarah x

PS: We’ve given CWM a few updates, so make sure to check it out!

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