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Leadership is your legacy

Do you think about how you impact others, how you lead, and what you'll be leaving behind in history? Are you connected to the term "legacy", or is it a throw-away thought for the future? What if your leadership IS your legacy?

We know the true measure of your legacy is not what you leave behind, but your immediate impact on the world and the people around you. Your legacy is here, today. It shows up in the way you enjoy your meals, in your conversations with colleagues, and in the quality and texture of your closest relationships. Having clarity on the legacy you're committed to creating will radically shift the way you lead in all areas of your life.

We offer various programs, corporate coaching, and individual coaching to help you step into your leadership and live your legacy TODAY.

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Which Program Is Right For You?

The Board

I’m a career-first, multi-dimensional woman

Propel your career, deliver deeper impact, & leverage your zone of genius with this highly-curated group of professional women, serving as your personal Board of Directors for all areas of your life.

The Mother Board

I'm a Mother, craving the need for clarity and support

Find your personal Board of like-minded female warriors who are 100% invested in you accessing your full potential in all areas of your life, starting with your leadership in the most important of roles: Mother.

The Father Board

I’m a Father with deep professional experience & ambitions

This unique group development program for Dads with deep professional experience focuses on driving leadership ambition through a Board of similarly-staged men wanting both career expansion and a genuine connection with family to realize the total is greater than the sum of the individual parts.

The Circuit Board

I’m busy & want tools to noticeably enrich my leadership

This Board delivers actionable resources to grow in leadership and establish a growth mindset that can be applied to all areas of your life now.

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Three month coaching program that will spark connection and level up your leadership.

APRIL 2021

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Three month coaching program that will spark connection and level up your leadership.

MARCH 2021

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Sarah Gibbons

Work with Sarah

We’re Ready For You

I’ve been working with ambitious, driven women & men for over a decade. Individuals who are leaders in every sector of their lives. Many of my clients have said yes to a full life, but have yet to experience and engage all of who they are—the loud, the soft, the powerful, the compassionate, the creative. When you embrace yourself in all of your wonders, you tap into your unique leadership voice and unlock the power to create a truly meaningful contribution to the world around you. The world wants you—the world needs you—in all of your wonders.

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“Don’t leave a legacy, live your legacy - now.”

– Sarah Gibbons

In Their Words


“Sarah was invaluable to me. She helped me get to the next level. Although I initially needed some crisis management in dealing with an incredibly toxic and challenging work situation, Sarah ended up being the launchpad to a whole new self-understanding. She came to the rescue by prompting me to look inside myself and focus on what I really wanted to manifest.”

Xanthe Wells, Global Creative Director at Google/Nest, Palo Alto, CA


“Maybe you’ve got it all figured out; maybe you don’t. Working with Sarah allowed me to see how my way of being affects me and those around me. Sarah helped me discover what change could look like and how small course corrections now could make huge differences in the future. Thanks to my sessions with Sarah, it didn’t take long for me to realize the difference in a created life vs. just going with the flow.

One day, my colleague introduced me to Sarah on a call. She asked tough questions that don’t come up in day-to-day conversations. I was taken aback at first. I felt instinctively defensive, which she quickly, effortlessly calmed in me.

That initial conversation I had with Sarah led to many more, ultimately teaching me to confront what stands in the way of truly communicating with others and creates a barrier to delivering my skills to the next level. The leadership skills I’ve gained from my time with Sarah have grown me both professionally and personally..”



“Before working with Sarah my business was doing very well from others’ perspective. I had a growing social platform, more business than I could handle and made more money than I’ve ever had before. With all that came anxiety, depression, fear, and self-doubt. During my work with Sarah, I started feeling excited about my work again. I woke up with more purpose and energy. I also took a leap of faith and bought my dream house. Now I believe more in myself and that what I do matters.”

My Nguyen, CEO, My Healthy Dish, San Francisco, CA

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